Someone Died – Grip

Massive shouts to Joe for hooking me up with the link to this new EP by Alan Welsh of Tangled Hair and Colour fame. This guy has been releasing some of the best music in the UK at the moment, no matter what the name of the act. This particular project appears to be a straight up ‘one man and his guitar’ job, and when you’ve got a style and voice as good as Alan’s that really is all you need.

The funny thing is that it’s so easy to visualise these songs with the full band, especially on ‘No Name #5′. It could so easily be another Colour song, and if it were there would be no complaints from this camp. However, it’s the natural thump in his playing, that organic spark in his vocals that provides the song with all the rhythm it needs, in just the right form.

The progression from Colour to Tangled Hair at times felt like a stripping down of the songs to their most basic form, a minimalist but logical progression to the beginning. In these new tracks, the same feeling is equally present; the songs sound basic and stripped down, but then they give you everything you need as they are.

If you like music that lets you take a moment to breathe, I’d really recommend this release; best of all, you can pay whatever amount you like, as little as nothing. Also, please do check out Alan’s other releases with Colour and Tangled Hair, I really can’t stress how worth listening to it all is.

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