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My friends Josh, Matt and Mo have been living with each other since moving out of halls together back in 2010. They spend a lot of time in close contact, sitting in various dingy student living rooms, flicking through poorly-broadcast African Christian television channels and drinking unnervingly cheap beer. In amongst the madness, wonderful things can happen.

Mo, the Spaceman King of the group, has been a huge fan of lo-fi and shoegaze music for years. Before arriving in London, he had been involved in a band called Cold Hands back up in Norwich. Eventually he unleashed his mop-topped creativity to Josh, revealing all manner of riffs and songs which needed a band. They fucked around getting high and playing very loudly together and before you knew it, Honeyslide was born.

After a short search the guys met Meytal, an Israeli girl who gets drunk incredibly easily and Mike, an unimposing dude who is at his loudest behind the drums, and the band fell into place incredibly quickly. With each member integrating their influences into the sound (ranging from Codeine, Pavement and My Bloody Valentine to Thee Oh Sees, Sonic Youth and Pixies), they’ve received praise across the board for their huge, aggressive sound and ability to write proper fucking drone music.

Moses / Mike / Josh / Meytal

Starting off with huge, trudging goliath songs like Drippin’ and Made For You, their sound has gradually developed to become more upbeat and poppy, while retaining the disconnected and sedated vibe that makes their music so easy to listen to. Matt now manages the band’s shows and releases etc. and together they seem to have formed a moving unit and the progress gets faster and faster every week.

The band have been performing live as a four-piece for just over a year now and have already built up a healthy following in London, playing alongside bands like Dignan Porch, Traams, Slowcoaches and more. They released their first EP on cassette a few months ago, limited to 100 copies, and have sent orders to Japan, the USA and even further afield. A month or so back they also released a split EP with YRRS and are in the process of recording more tracks at the moment in anticipation of further releases.

As I mentioned before, the band is now gigging very regularly around London and the surrounding areas and I would recommend taking the time to go and see them live to get a full understanding of how huge their sound is. Take muffled, strangled fuzz riffs, combine them with some of the most unpleasant distortion you’ve ever heard, some disgustingly heavy drums and unrelenting basslines and you get an incredibly powerful mix. Bring earplugs. No, seriously, your mother will worry.

“Honeyslide – Sugar Routine” at Soundcloud.com

The track above is a new one that was posted up about three days ago on their Soundcloud account. If you click the artwork you can jump through to their bandcamp page where you can listen to the Honeyslide EP in full and make a purchase. Sugar Routine features on the free One for the People #3 compilation, which I’ve linked also. You can find the band on Twitter (@honeyslider), Facebook and at their own website, honeyslide.co.uk. Keep up to date and if you want someone to go and see them with let me know, I can’t get enough.

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