Into It. Over It.

Into It. Over It.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about music then the chances are I’ve mentioned Into It. Over It., and more specifically his album, ’52 Weeks’. Recorded over the course of one whole year by 23 year old Evan Thomas Weiss in 2007, it’s one of the most fascinating insights into the workings of a songwriter you could ever hope for.

Frustrated at his lack of productivity over the past few years, Weiss set out to chronicle his year in musical form, setting himself strict rules and standards in the process. He would have a studio session booked every Wednesday and would have to have recorded a song by midnight on that Wednesday. The end result is a jalopy of all manner of music, from post-hardcore anthems to muffled, half-written tape recordings. The craziest part of all of it, however, is that it works.

I actually struggled with the album initially, as you might expect considering its length and wildly fluctuating mood. Over time, I’ve learnt to love pretty much every single song for what it is, and it still manages to take me by surprise every time I listen to it and hear new things. It also demonstrated to me how important it actually is as a musician to be fearless and daring with your songwriting, and never try and force yourself into genres. Some of my favourite songs on this album are ones that would never tick a single box in the ‘classical songwriting’ sense, but they have an incredible effect upon the listener and it’s something I aspire to; to be able to write music that sticks in your head and makes you want to keep going back and listening for more.

If you click the image at the bottom you will be directed to a website where you can download the entire album. If you enjoy the music then please support Evan by buying his music and helping him to pay the bills.

The video I’ve posted below is of a song called ‘Pinky Swear’ from the album. It’s one of the more simple and easy-going tracks, but it’s easily one of the catchiest little singalong songs I know. Don’t think, just listen.

52 Weeks

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