Palace Skateboards – Niggaz Wit Altitude

Screen-Shot-2012-12-25-at-11.08.18-1For the benefit of anybody who has been living under a rock screaming “la-la-la” at the top of their lungs for the past few years, Palace is a skateboard company based out of London, founded by the now notorious Lev Tanju as a part-skate hardware line, part-clothing line and part-celebration of his mates, the PWBC.

The Palace Wayward Boys Choir are a bunch of skaters who were living in squats and on mates’ bedroom floors. One day, Lev began printing t-shirts for the Palace crew with simple designs like the now iconic (and incredibly fucking hyped) Chanel-rip logo. Fast-forward a few years, the brand is now being snapped all over the world on skateboarders & hood rats, as well as the likes of Rihanna and Virgil Abloh, cementing the brand’s position both in the underground and, surprisingly (or perhaps not), the world of high fashion. Lev explains that he started the brand in the hopes of being able to get some cash together for his mates so he could pay them to just skate all day, every day. With the brand’s tri-logo fast becoming as easy to spot as some of the labels they were originally ripping, it looks as though that dream has been realised.

The hype’s not important though. Lev says it over and over again, Palace is a skate brand. If people dig it and start rocking it because it looks cool then so be it. All he asks is that you regulate the twatty fixed-gear riders (he said he was joking, but we all knew) and, at least, learn the names of a few skaters beyond your favourites on THPS2. The skateboarding is what the brand is about and Lev’s emphasis on this (as well as his unique approach to filming and marketing) has managed to keep the brand’s skate videos and pro riders at the forefront of its operation at all times, even while kids are paying £200 for old jumpers.

The latest video to be released is a collection of footage from the Choir’s recent trip over to L.A., and features PWBC heads including Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke & Karim Bakhtaoui (getting some tasty long-distance trillage in) with a nice set from cliché‘s Andrew Brophy slipped in as well. The video is a celebration of all things West coast – sun, smoke, skating, skrilla and ignance. I’m pretty sure Jason Dill pops up at one point as well but it’s hard to tell. VHS – Great for aesthetics, less for specifics.

Peep the video below and check out the Palace vimeo page for their other videos, it’s all good.


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