Stray Rats – End of Year Bonus Level


Following their initial release back in October, Stray Rats returns tomorrow afternoon with an end of year’s celebration.

The release consists of a crewneck in navy & maroon, as well as a long-sleeved t-shirt in black & white. It’s a bit of old and a bit of new, with the return of the ‘Sewer Crew’ design on the crewneck. It sold out stupidly fast the last time it was released, so it’s cool to see it come back again.

I have to say though, the ‘Registered’ long-sleeve is an instant classic. I’m a big fan of simplicity and sometimes, really, all you need is some well placed letters. The sleeve hits finish it off with a subtle nod to the hardcore scene, where Oddball-in-Chief Koopz has his roots. Anyone who’s ever bopped around looking hXc as fuck in the camos and beanie back in the days has to appreciate .

The new items will be released Online on December 28th at 12pm EST (5pm GMT). The long-sleeve will probably be around $32, and somewhere around 50 for the crewneck. The store will also be selling a selection of old hoodies from previous seasons, so keep an eye out for those as well ‘cus some of them are doozies. The store ships within the United States only so you’ll have to get a friend over the pond to proxy it if you live anywhere else. The struggle is real.



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