This Town Needs Guns – I’ll Take the Minute Snake

After the announcement of their forthcoming album with the release of the track ‘Cat Fantastic’ a few weeks back, Math-Rock pioneers This Town Needs Guns have returned with the track “I’ll Take The Minute Snake”.

This track has all the classic elements of a wonderful TTNG song, with Tim’s flowing-water guitar trickery complimenting Chris’ deliberate and directed percussion perfectly. There are definitely more poppy elements in these new tracks from the band, but try to think of that in the sense of Maps & Atlases’ transition into Perch Patchwork; it’s poppy, but fuck me, does it pop.

The band’s forthcoming album, is primarily focused around the Mayan calendar and concepts of change, progression and new ages. Aside from the excitement of hearing the band’s own new sound and style, it will be exciting to see how the band approach and transform these concepts into their sound. will be released on January 22nd by Sargent House, and is the first TTNG album to feature new singer, Henry Tremain of Pennines. As with all lineup changes there’s been discussion about the new sound, and, as far as it goes with me, Henry can do no wrong. His strong, precise vocals compliment the frantic and erratic nature of the music really well and it’ll be a joy to see them perform more throughout 2013.

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