FUCT SSDD – S/S 2013 – ‘Armagideon Time’

ARM_10Same Shit. Different Day. SSDD is an off-shoot from Erik Brunetti‘s iconic brand FUCT. Founded in 1990 and now a staple name in the skateboarding scene, Fuct was incredibly successful in the 90s, owing to Brunetti’s scathing political satire and daring logo rips on big-name, corporate American brands, Ford being one example.

The rise in popularity of streetwear and skate culture of late has brought about a revival in the brand’s popularity globally. Fuct has experienced great fortune over the past 18 months, with a lot of promising developments firing out of Camp Brunetti. One of the most interesting of these was Fuct SSDD, a new label that combines Brunetti’s iconic artwork and ‘So what?’ attitude with another of his big passions – Americana.

ARM_9Having followed the Fuct Blog for a while, I’ve gathered that SSDD is a project that Brunetti has pursued in association with Japanese streetwear icon, Shinsuke Takizawa of Neighborhood (NBHD). The two of them are avid motorcycle enthusiasts and there have been too many photographs popping up of big, beardy Brunetti hanging out with Shin and the gang for it to just be a coincidence. As such, the SSDD product is a distinctly higher-class product, with many garments being made in Japan or the USA. The  sensibilities of SSDD also show a restrained approach to design, in line with its Eastern counterparts, with classic garment silhouettes being refined, re-fitted and finished with a ‘Brunetti’ touch.

Born in Seattle and now residing in Texas, Brunetti is a fiercely proud American through and through. Don’t confuse that with images the media feeds you – he supports neither of the main parties and has enough bones to pick with government to make a museum exhibit, but SSDD’s releases contain subtle nods to all manner of classic American movements and styles – from grunge, to western, to biker culture, to bowling.

ARM_8The latest release is entitled ‘Armagideon Time‘ and is shot by the immensely talented Rick Rodney. A portmanteau of ‘armageddon’ (the end of days) and ‘gideon’ (destroyer or mighty warrior), it’s safe to say that the passing months haven’t blunted Brunetti’s cynicism in presenting a load of innocent, stateside pastimes as a downward spiral – read the newspapers enough and it starts to feel just like that.

ARM_7ARM_6Staple pieces like flannel shirts, cut-off shorts and a printed coaches jacket give us an idea of what to expect in terms of basics. Seattle-circa-1990’s lasting influence on Brunetti shines through in the washed, worn and dingy colours. Elsewhere we can see a  simple lightweight parka in black for everyday wear. Turquoise snap-buttons and a western-style shoulder yoke give the washed denim button-up’s otherwise typical silhouette a bit of character. A few shots give us a look at what appear to be a pair of tonal camouflage trousers (in olive drab and navy) that look amazing – they remind me of Maharishi in fact, so it’ll be interesting to see the end product.

The highlight of the collection for me, however, is definitely the shirting. The blue paisley shirt has everything in the right place, and is one of the nicer paisley shirts we’ve seen this season (see Visvim’s ICT disaster). The black and gold button up looks perfect for the Summer evenings coming up, but it’s hard not to sit here zooming on the ‘Armagideon Time’ short-sleeve – SSDD have released a few pieces with custom-made fabrics, and Brunetti’s ability to smash a laid-back, Hawaiian vibe against absurd, surrealist designs has ensured each one has always been a winner.

arm_17ARM_14Last mention goes to the ‘Rolling Thunder’ bowling shirt. Chain-stitching sets the back off with a clean script embroidery, and those blue strips running under the armpits look perfect. This is the great thing about SSDD when it comes to referencing and re-appropriating Americana – the designer lives and breathes it, so it’s always on point and authentic.

ARM_12Enigmatic as ever, the Fuct SSDD ‘Armagideon Time’ collection will be leaking into stockists over the coming months. The label is considerably harder to get hold of than Fuct’s main stuff, with few items making it out of Japan at times. The best way to keep a track of the brand is to visit the Fuct and SSDD websites regularly. The Hypebeast webstore has also had a healthy stock of both lines in the past. Enjoy!


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