The Moving Development – Deck Jacket

IMG_8434Formed a few years ago by the enigmatic Bakes, Bristol-based The Moving Development is a brand that now has a few releases under its belt and has seen Bakes  experimenting whilst establishing his brand and identity by quickly expanding his product range. As the name suggests, Bakes views his work as a constantly fluxing process, treating each phase in his story not as ‘raising the bar’, but as laying the foundations for the next step up the ladder. Indeed, he’s whacked out belt clips, football scarves, cut & sew garments, headwear and accessories in the time that most one-man operations might put out a dozen t-shirts.

Stylistically, Bakes takes a large influence from the Japanese Streetwear scene, particularly labels such as w)Taps, Neighborhood, Challenger and BOUNTYxHUNTER. A strong black aesthetic runs throughout the line and the military & biker influence so famous in Shinsuke Takizawa and TETsu Nishiyama‘s respective clothing brands is just as present here.

When one considers how these cultures became so popular in the East to begin with – the Japanese consumer falling in love with classic American culture (and all the garment-Americana to go with it) – there’s a funny element to a Westerner in turn taking influence from the Japanese discipline and bringing it back into a British brand, but it stands as a testament to the quality of output in Japan, comparatively, when it comes to clothing nowadays.

Roll on the Deck Jacket, then. Having enjoyed a quick run back when TMD’s ‘Hell Bound – Bound To Hell‘ collection released in late 2012, the jacket quickly sold out and prompted Bakes to reassess his numbers. Constructed from a tightly-woven cotton gabardine with a full heavy-pile lining, functionality and durability take priority in the design. Storm cuffs and an extra throat latch ensure that the cold we’re experiencing at the moment won’t be a problem, while a simple stenciled ‘T.M.D.’ print on the left chest adds some subtle and unintrusive branding to an otherwise functionalist piece.

The jacket is available right now for £150 from the The Moving Development store. Remember, it sold out once and it won’t be winter much longer, so don’t expect to see this come around again. No doubt Bakes will be back for S/S’13 with some more exciting releases. To quote one of the first t-shirts he ever released, “You can’t stop me now!”.



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