Well Fed – Fall/Winter 2012 – Doom With A View – Part 2

http://staywellfed.bigcartel.comLock up your daughters and violate your bank balance – Well Fed is back. Following on from ‘Doom With A View Pt. 1′ back in November, Jon D’s hardcore-centric DIY brand is back with another installment.

Jon’s nihilistic aesthetic comes across as strong as ever this time, whilst elements of recent trends are also present in his choice of typefaces and imagery. The ‘Sleep Tight‘ design returns, this time on the back of a pullover hoodie, and the season’s tagline ‘Doom With A View‘ design gets a welcome reprint, this time on a charcoal tee. My personal highlight is the Olde English back print design. Olde English has seen a return to popularity recently amongst the hip-hop and hardcore scenes, one that is more then welcome in my opinion. It looks bleak as hell, so it’s about time Jon gave Well Fed the OE touch. Elsewhere there’s the witty ‘Take Your Breath Away‘ design, showing Jon is as hilarious (or perhaps ‘funny’) as ever; anybody who’s familiar with his scathingly sarcastic etchings will love this tee.

The entire installment will release exclusively online tomorrow, Tuesday February 19th at 11am EST (4pm GMT). T-shirts are typically $18 and the hoodies are normally around $32. As far back as I can remember these collections have sold out entirely within an hour, so put it in your cart, checkout and go. Peace!



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