LAW Magazine – Issue #3 Launch

ImageBeginning 12 months ago in Brighton, Sussex, Lives And Works Magazine is a bi-yearly periodical that seeks to engage with ‘style’ in all its forms. Subcultures and sideliners, eccentrics and addicts, rebels and the refined, LAW asks not whether something is stylish, only how it achieves its style, whatever that may be. It’s a sentiment that is best expressed on their own website – ‘if you couldn’t care you still care. It is important to describe and distill the time we live in whilst always pushing things forward.‘ That is to say that culture is important, regardless of source, voice and platform. About time, right?

LAW’s last issue featured articles including a photo-chronicle of every FIFA Playstation game ever released & a collection of flags from dissolved and no-longer-existent states, as well as one of my favourite magazine covers ever. I was fortunate enough to get hold of one of the 500 copies and it now sits proudly on the shelf as one of my favourite examples of independent, innovative & dynamic modern journalism.

Lives And Works Issue #3 has just been announced, and the magazine will be holding a launch event to celebrate. The event is taking place at Goodhood this Thursday (21/03) with drinks sponsored by Desperados. An independent magazine release in the Outsiders’ store – some would call it a match made in heaven. Enjoy.



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