The Goodhood Life Store – Open For Business!

IMG_3915After a week of promises and previews, The Goodhood Store opened the doors to its new Life Store directly opposite their original location on Coronet Street. A new venture by the store, the team hope to expand and enforce their already firm grip on the ‘Alt-Style’ market in London with an unorthodox selection of furniture, accessories and lifestyle essentials for the home. I managed to get down to the store’s opening event last night with my friend Joe John (whom I’ve told you about before) to have a look at what was on offer. Thanks to Joe for taking the photos, my photography skills are a bit like the McDonalds in North Korea. Yeh? Yeh.

Hot on the heels of store founders Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart‘s recent feature in Freunde von Freunden, it’s hardly surprising to see many of the pair’s own unique tastes manifesting in the products on display. One of Goodhood’s real shouting points is the store’s cool, understated vibe and this runs throughout the Life Store and its product. It’s certainly a savvy move, having successfully established such a strong lifestyle identity as Goodhood, to complete the circle by providing all the necessary products to live as you dress – fucking sharp.

IMG_3918The Life Store’s exterior mimics the original’s minimalist charm, while the interior is covered from wall to wall in their ‘Ordered Chaos’ fashion. The inoffensive cream and wood-panel aesthetic gives the product space to speak for itself. So what’s it saying?

The inclusion of a selection of Goodhood’s own goods, such as pillows (with some new designs thrown in) and that glorious skate deck, serves as a ‘story so far’ in their foray into homewares, and the inclusion of a tasty mix of leather goods from Wood Wood and Comme des Garçons WALLET sets the store on a good pegging for its regulars – it’s nice not to be disappointed, isn’t it?

Needless to say, a new market means new brands, and Goodhood have maintained their discerning standards. Home products from Kinto and Muuto bring the Japanese solution to our shores, simple in their designs with a quality that you can feel. Muuto’s ‘Same But Different‘ and ‘I’m Boo‘ products are ideal for anybody looking for something a little different to present their drinks in. Elsewhere, in brands like Nava, Hay and Midori, is a lush mix of stationery and desktop accessories, ensuring the consumer can define their tastes right down to their notebook and pen.

IMG_3927It’s not all pots and pens, though. Renowned Japanese design house Gelchop makes an appearance with some brilliant tree stump-shaped stools. Umbrellas, canteens, cookware, desktop accessories and even some awesome Moomin ceramics are available, and the quirk-factor varies as wildly as the range on show. My favourite item by far is this kooky calendar by L’Atelier D’Exercises – a fresh, lateral approach to an otherwise bland item, the exact kind of thing people come to Goodhood for in the first place!

As one of the store’s younger customers its understandable that not everything in-store jumps out at me instinctively, but in that is Sindle and Stewart’s trick – recognising and catering to the people that come through their doors. From their Shop Style photo series documenting regular visitors to the conversation the staff spark up when you’re in there, Goodhood is about finding out who they’re selling to and they’ve recognised their wide customer base, ranging from younger individuals such as myself coming in to buy a shirt to mature couples and professionals who want to look on-point at all times, in all walks.

IMG_3928Criticisms of the concept have genuinely revolved around the concept of lifestyle stores in general – images of bland, wishy-washy photo frames and coasters. Little touches in the Life Store, such as drilled polka-dot patterns in the plywood panels and a considered approach to product placement in the small space, remind the customer exactly who it is that they’re buying from, and I think it really helps to cement the new product with the store’s current clothing ranges.

When I look at the product available, I can instantly see the type of person who would come to the Life Store to make a purchase, and I think that demonstrates pretty effectively how, amongst the ramshackle, odds-and-ends, outsider chic of The Goodhood, there’s actually one of the strongest and most distinctive identities in the London streetwear / fashion scene right now. Here’s to the next step!

IMG_3934The Goodhood Life Store is open right now at 20 Coronet Street, Shoreditch, London. Opening Hours are 1100-1830 (MON-SAT) and 12-5 (SUN). You can browse a large selection of the store’s product range, as well as make a purchase, right now at Peace!

IMG_3949IMG_3924IMG_3931IMG_3943Photos by Joseph John

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