The Moving Development – Spring/Summer 2013 – Forcing The Pace

Today, against all odds, the sun finally broke through the clouds of South East London. Scientists are still conducting tests to confirm their findings, but if all evidence points in the right direction, we could indeed be entering Spring. I know, I know, look, I said they were crazy too, just sit down for a minute, that’s not the point. Good omen or not, the ray of sunshine was accompanied by some great news from the Bristol camp when I received images of the first instalment from The Moving Development for S/S13. Some people have impeccable timing.

I gave The Moving Development a brief mention back in February, so I’ll save the introductions. ‘Bakes’ and his brand are an operation that I’ve been fortunate enough to have followed from pretty much day one, and it’s safe to say the latest offering carries on in an encouraging fashion.


Entitled ‘Forcing The Pace’, the new collection is introduced by two graphic t-shirts in black. The ‘Engine’ tee, as its name suggests, tips its hat to Bakes’ own motorcycle interests with engine diagrams and a tasty script font. I’ve seen this imagery pop up on the TMD Instagram a few times, and there’s something about it I really like, possibly how it reminds me of an old Victorian medical journal or something. Don’t try to get inside my head, I’m struggling enough as it is.


The ‘Devil’ graphic, with an ever-popular ‘left chest and big back’ design, adds some subtle branding to what I think is a hard-as-fuck slogan, with all the up-front force that you’d expect from the unstoppable TMD. Both t-shirts are finished with the brand’s purple sleeve-tab and lower left label – details, they make all the difference.


The-Moving-Development-Devil-BackThe introduction of a snapback cap, with what looks like some excellent embroidery, is a new development for the brand, and Bakes has done well keeping it in line with his previous releases. Compared to the countless snaps with tediously dull all-caps words like ‘SWAG’, ‘BOY’ or whatever the fuck else out there, I’m glad he’s chosen to do something with a bit of flair and personality. There’s something kind of funny about a somewhat threatening word being rendered in such a charming typeface too, and I like that kind of stuff.


The-Moving-Development-Snapback-DetailIt goes without saying, however, that the Bowling Shirt is the stand-out piece of the collection. Maintaining the monochromatic tone, pure black cotton twill with white details ensure that this shirt really pops. Embroidery on the front and the back look great – ‘Luther’, how hard is that? – and the white diamond panels down the back really make this thing feel like it’s come straight out of a 1950s film, skipping Technicolor along the way.

The-Moving-Development-Bowling-Shirt-Front The-Moving-Development-Bowling-Shirt-Back Bowling-Shirt-DetailIt’s a modest release, but I like it. The main reason for this is that Bakes clearly has enough confidence in his designs to let the brand name take a backseat. ‘The Moving Development’ only appears in full once, and the two slogans are the ones that he really pushes, and why not? The designs look great, the imagery is clean and the identity is solid. He could have done a nice logo tee and gotten you to remember the name, but it feels like instead he’s given you a message and whetted your appetite. He doesn’t need to tell you who they are, you’ll already want to know.

The Moving Development’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection will begin with Part One on the 13th of April, available from the brand’s online store. They are also on all the social media sites, and I’d recommend dropping them a line and keeping your eye because there’s definitely much more to come. Bakes is a cool guy with a good head on his shoulders, so he’s worth having around. Enjoy!


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