Done London – Summer T-Shirts

DSC_7229Done London is a brand that designs and produces hand-screened t-shirts in London. First launching in 2011, previous releases have consisted of simple logo designs and some interesting reworks of the London Underground logo. The brand has been relatively unknown to me, but a recent project from them looks to be a promising one.

Taking its inspiration from the capital’s famous transport system again, Done London has produced a collection of four t-shirts that incorporate specific aspects of the Underground. The collection is accompanied by a concise lookbook, shot by Better Never Than Late‘s Matt Benson.

DSC_7192Firstly, the ‘Warren’ t-shirt design is a replica of Alan Fletcher’s Labyrinth tile designs on the platforms on Warren Street station. Likewise, the ‘Tonne of Bricks’ t-shirt makes a nod to Brixton station’s repeating motif of Hans Unger’s artwork. Compared to other attempts to incorporate TfL into streetwear, it’s a subtle and measured offering.

TonOfBricks_01-2Taking another avenue are the ‘Victoria’ and ‘Metropolitan’ tees. Done has lifted the patterns  from the seat fabrics of the two respective lines and printed them as geometric designs. The first time I saw the ‘Victoria’ tee I was tapping my desk for ages trying to work out where I’d seen it before. For all the time you spend on the tube, it’s amazing how much slips straight past you.

Metropoiltan_01As a collection of t-shirts, the concept has been well executed. Previous homages to London Underground that I have seen have always fallen into the ‘kitsch’ category with little hesitation. The British identity in streetwear isn’t as ‘self-celebratory’ as American brands often get away with (‘I Heart NY’ etc.), and this type of ‘end repping’ doesn’t seem to land with Brits as much, especially tied in with the piles of tourist merchandise floating around London.

Vic_lineNevertheless, Done’s interpretation is assuringly subtle and precise. The tees look authentic – there’s not a line out of place in any of the designs – and they’re calculated enough that the reference doesn’t shove itself in your face like so many LA Raiders flips. As a considered celebration of one part of London life, what better place to look for inspiration than the benches and seats you depend upon when you’re waiting to get from A to B?

The ‘Warren’, ‘Tonne of Bricks’, ‘Victoria’ & ‘Metropolitan’ t-shirts are available from Done London’s website, priced at £20 each. Each design is limited to 50 pieces so don’t sleep. Click through to their site for more information, and find them at all the social media websites for the latest news.

Warren_Folded Bricks_Folded Met_Folded Victoria_Folded_01

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