Patta – Spring/Summer 2013

patta-summer-2013_5223-682x1024Opening its doors back in 2004, Patta is a streetwear store based in Amsterdam just around the corner from the city’s Centraal Station. Stocking many of the more exclusive sneaker releases from big brands over the years, as well as producing a few of their own (including an amazing pair of Asics Gel Sagas a few years back), the store began producing its in-house brand back in 2011 and was quickly picked up across the continent by stores such as Hideout, Hanon, Pigalle and Firmament.

Perhaps it’s something in the water over there in Dam (teehee cannabis lol), but since its inception the Patta brand has had a pretty loose, organic feel to it. The use of smooth typography and bold colour combinations in previous collections, along with unorthodox garment linings and adventurous constructed pieces, has effectively cemented the brand in people’s minds in an impressively short period of time – 2013 introduces only their fifth collection to date.

patta-summer-2013_5466-682x1024This Summer, Patta has produced a mix of graphic t-shirts and lightweight constructed pieces, building upon previous work. Their ever-popular Script logo reappears on several pieces, though it seems to have taken a back seat compared to previous seasons.

New designs like the ‘Get Nailed’ and ‘The P’ prints have all the swagger you’d expect from the Dutch unit, while the ‘Zeedijk’ and ‘Europe’ tees let them show a bit of pride for their locale, be it the immediate or further afield – Patta have even provided an explanation for the back of the ‘Zeedijk’ tee and it’s a really neat nod to Amsterdam’s colourful social history, and I’m a sucker for trivia like that. Seriously, if brands made pamphlets like the ones you see at old railway stations, the chances are you’d never see me again.

patta-summer-2013_5804-682x1024Branding returns a few more times in some familiar typefaces. The ‘Love For All’ long-sleeve is another winner for me – a strangely positive twist on all this iconography-obsessed street fashion that’s being banded around lately. The absolute winner for me however, without a doubt, is the ‘Magic’ tee, a tasteful homage to Kranky legends, Godspeed You! Black Emperor. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to 2000’s ‘Lift Your Skinny Fists…’ yet, then do so now. Then, buy this t-shirt to celebrate your newfound obsession.

patta-summer-2013_5377-682x1024A selection of headwear such as snapbacks, beanies and buckets completes the collection along with a modest outerwear release of a Coaches Jacket and Letterman Jacket. I think it’s important, during a time in which Lil Wayne is putting together outfits that actually delay human progress, to give a shout to Patta for creating such a clean, understated Coaches. It can be easy to over-design a product in the hopes of making it stand out, but considered placement of details and that hard OE back logo tell me that this jacket is not going to sit around for long.

patta-summer-2013_5590-682x1024Having first heard about Patta when they appeared in Hideout a year or so back, I was pretty surprised by how much interest they attained in such a short period of time. Subsequent releases have been impressive, especially in the cut’n’sew department, but I nonetheless felt like they were at times a bit over-dependent upon one or two designs. Patta’s latest release has done well to prove my suspicions wrong, and it feels like their full character is just starting to show through now. A good mix of culture and self-defined style is starting to creep out of the brand, and when it comes to their styling and shoots, the boot seems to fit. When I first looked at the top photo, it reminded me of a photo  in a Supreme shoot from 2007. Intentional or not, it’s just one of the ways that Patta are placing themselves in very good company with little trouble, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take it next.

patta-summer-2013_5733-682x1024Patta’s Spring Summer 2013 collection is available for purchase from their online store right now. UK stockists include The Hideout, HIP Leeds and Hanon. Keep your eye out on their websites for news about the latest deliveries. It’s also worth checking out the store if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam for some crazy reason. Show some support and Keep The P Free.

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