Goodhood – The Art of Looking Sideways

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK004Shouts to the people over at Goodhood who have come through with the latest of their stellar series of store lookbooks. With a reputation as one of East London’s hubs for lesser-beaten paths and considered counter culture, the store decided to explore its own lateral aesthetics and disciplines with a new lookbook entitled ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’. All photography was handled by Two of Swords, with Francesca Chantell modeling a selection of menswear pieces from several brands.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK007AThe shoot instantly feels in tune with what I perceive as one of Goodhood’s strongest vibes – casuality in form and function. Relaxed combinations like that baggy Paul Smith sweater over the Maiden Noir button-up have a nice ramshackle feel in keeping with their laidback approach to fashion. This carries over with Francesca’s baggy chinos and loose-hanging sleeves, and that shot below really encapsulates the store for me in its atmosphere and style – far from typical, but very on point.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK002Elsewhere, the photo shoot serves to showcase some of the store’s more recent acquisitions, such as Unrivaled, a classic Japanese streetwear brand that produces a more mature and conservative street product than many of its peers, and Soulland, who have been experiencing even greater fortune as time goes by. The recent Babar the Elephant collection really brought the spotlight onto them for the season, and now more people are looking into the main line and discovering even more quality design. Goodhood have effectively showcased their printed shirts and shorts excellently, while that embroidered crewneck… well, yup.


Gasius also makes a welcome appearance with their graphic tees. The somewhat enigmatic brand was brought back by popular demand and has subsequently flown out the doors. I still know very little about them, but liked literally every design they released. Whoever they are, they’re a name to look out for over the coming months, because product doesn’t sell that fast for no reason.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK010Perks and Mini and Wood Wood’s pieces provide the photoshoot with the necessary psychedelic vibe that the store’s Acid House infatuation demands, and little nods to raver culture shine through with styles like the jumper around the waist, thick socks & headbands and a general tomboy approach to styling.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK008Outfits are ornamented with a selection of accessories from Norse Projects, Maiden Noir, Neighborhood and Dog State, capped off with a simple pair of beaten Vans. Highlights have to include the Neighborhood bandana and what looks like a Nikki B necklace over the Soulland shirt. The recent opening of their Life Store demonstrated Goodhood’s ability to consider both the intricacies and the generalities of its product, and the outfits are nicely polished off with that little bit of unintrusive decoration.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK012I’m hardly quiet with my feelings about Goodhood, so it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of the latest shoot. The brand’s previous lookbooks have all been consistent and innovative, and little nods to the past can even be seen in some of Fran’s poses (all hail the Coke bottle and straw!), which is a sexy bit of intertextuality that someone like me can’t resist.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK003With the rise of streetwear and recent collisions of the catwalk and the street bringing more innovative dress into the mainstream, Goodhood has managed to avoid the pitfalls of fast-approaching clichés and keep this girl-meets-menswear shoot unique – no carhartt beanies and tube socks here, thanks. Perhaps that’s why they chose the name for the shoot that they did. You can listen to Cher Lloyd singing ‘Swagger jagger, swagger jagger/ You should get some of your own’ – okay, nobody’s saying you should – but the fact is that creating your own style and making it a brand is a lot harder than most people think, and Goodhood really have made their bohemian, outsider aesthetic into an artform.

GOODHOOD_MENS_SS13_LOOKBOOK009Unique, daring combinations emphasise the unspoken qualities of the store’s product, and the store always looks further afield and digs deeper into the depths of culture to bring out something new that they know will take you by surprise. It’s the Art of Looking Sideways, make no mistake about the art.

Enjoy the photos and check out the Goodhood website to see all the photos and showcased items in more detail.


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