bcn-1Thing with me is, I know what I like, and anybody who knows me will confirm this. In fact, they’d probably say I know what I like and intend upon letting everyone know. This being considered, the little love affair I sparked up with Cav Empt upon the release of their Spring collection was far from secret.

C.E, the brainchild of Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell, smacked the 21st century in the face with its stylised renditions of ‘Web 1.0′ and its cavalier attitude towards fashion mentalities. Output seemed to fluctuate from considered pieces that explore the boundaries between real and simulation to amplified tech-wear garments that beg to be sent back to 1982 with Harrison Ford. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

Since last season’s initial release, C.E has been pretty quiet; new product pops up online on occasion, such as a collaborative pair of Vans Eras released with Beams, whilst a project with The Collective Square resulted in the collection being modelled by NYC’s Phony Ppl – one of the smartest pairings between music and streetwear in recent years. Anybody familiar with the group’s genre-spanning and defiantly individual style knows that C.E’s new-via-old aesthetic was a perfect match for the band, and the resultant shots really killed everybody. Seriously guys. Travi$ Scott for LRG? Yeh, okay. Bye.

DialHelp_fryer_WEB_2Beyond the clothes, however, C.E has kept ticking in Japan, appearing at events around the city and generally making its presence known with a signature blend of futuristic beats and stunning visuals. Back on August 30th, the brand hosted an event called ‘Dial: Help!’ in Osaka with DJ sets from Sk8thing and Feltwell themselves, accompanied by a ‘VJ Set’ from a group called BACON, whose accompanying blurb provided only a link to their Tumblr. It’s all very ‘Japan’, I know, but stay with me here, we’re through the looking glass right now.


There’s not a lot that I know of BACON. I actually stumbled across their Tumblr a few weeks ago and was literally lost for words. It’s only now, having literally spent hours trying to make sense of their expansive collection of photographs of the actor Kevin Bacon (I got to 30+ pages last night) that I feel comfortable sharing them, and even then I’m not quite sure what it is that I’m sharing. Scrap that, I’ve really got no idea.


This much I know; they produce visuals and graphics and have worked closely with C.E in this department; they produce their own line of graphic tees and accessories and; they love Kevin Bacon – his recent ad campaign with Everything Everywhere has been a particularly popular development, the combination of Bacon and Telephones creating what seems like a perfect backdrop for a post-tech Baconthon (®). Remarks within my circle have included, ‘So Internet’ and ‘Pure #Relevance’ and, frankly, it is that, and brilliantly so.


Releases from Bacon so far have included a variety of t-shirts and caps, as well as simple drawstring bags, all adorned with Bacon typography and Kevin Bacon imagery. Classic streetwear paths are trodden through the italic fonts and logo-flipping, but there’s something overtly self-aware about it all. A t-shirt with the word Bacon over the Jordan Jumpman, literally flipped upside-down. The word ‘Bacon’, blown up so large that it doesn’t even fit on one side of the t-shirt. What inspires a giant backprint with a silhouette of Kevin Bacon’s head? More urgently, why do I want it so badly?

bacon_11As far as I can decipher, it just feels like there’s a brilliant formula at work. Slick mixes of UK Garage and House, that same old-made-new-via-old aesthetic of pixels and shoddy 3D graphics that makes C.E so alluring, and a great feel of spontaneity that doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. A cap with a 4-inch label that says ‘Bacon’ over and over that dangles messily out of the back, and a fucking drawstring bag covered in Kevin Bacon, accompanied by clean beats and avant-tech imagery that seems to just ooze cool. That quote from Feltwell about the ‘practical impossibility of originality’ comes straight to mind, and that similar attitude of acceptance followed by reckless abandon seems present. The future was meant to be crazy. Let’s make it crazy. Bacon.

tumblr_mt1xtwIojS1qmgy9ro1_r2_1280To date, all of Bacon’s product releases have sold out, so I hope you enjoy the accompanying photos from their two Summer 2013 releases for now. The best way to keep track is to follow their Tumblr and check back regularly for updates. Until then, I’d recommend checking out their Soundcloud for some great mixes (BCNMIX04 is pure gold), and kicking it in the depths of tumble-blogging for some sweet Kevin Bacon-related media. It’s on point, Jim, but not as we know it.

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