Goods by The Goodhood Store

If you were paying attention a few weeks back you would have heard about a new project by the people over at the Goodhood Store. Having produced pieces on occasion for special events and collaborations such as their series with R. Newbold, Goodhood has started its own fully-formed in-house label, simply titled ‘Goods’.

GOODS_GOODHOOD_STORE_SS13_019-2An initial release back in early August laid the foundations, comprising a selection of oxford shirts and bucket hats in ice cream colours alongside graphic tees. Using the Kurt Cobain idiom, ‘I’d rather be dead than cool’ as a reference point, the final result was a vibrant and concise collection that reflected the team and its ethos really nicely. Anybody who has been to the Store a few times is surely familiar with their love of tie-dyes and polka dots. Combined with the sportswear-inspired graphics laced with a sense of humour, it felt like an appropriate first footstep. As for the backpack? Phwoo, mercy.

GOODS_GOODHOOD_STORE_SS13_048-2Now, as we enter the cold months and prepare for layer-season (I’m so fucking ready, how about you?), the store has introduced the next instalment, and the steps have turned into strides.

Firstly, two graphic tees are presented. Utilising a simple collegiate typeface across the chest  for one and a satirically blacked-out box for the other, you could say they present two extremities of branding. I have to admit, the blackout tee is pretty badass, and it’s already sold out in my size so I can’t be the only one who thinks that. ‘Goodhood’ in a varsity type across the chest though? Jheeeez. It was so overdue and it doesn’t disappoint.

GOODS_BY_GOODHOOD_AW13_DELIVERY2_012-2Moving on, the now-synonymous Pyramid print makes a welcome return on a button-down collar shirt and a coaches jacket. All made in the UK, the button-down comes in a crisp white shirt cotton with a rich blue print, whilst the coach sees the same pattern tripped out electric-avenue style in navy/pink. It’s a bold colour combination, sure, but it’s a risk that paid off in my opinion. I actually prefer it to its white-navy counterpart, there’s something about those hot flashes of white and pink that set the whole jacket off. Then again, maybe it’s just how wild those cactuses look. I dunno man, the desert does some crazy things to a guy.

GOODS_GOODHOOD_STORE_SS13_078-2The Pyramid Coaches comes with Japanese-made seersucker cotton lining, whilst a reiteration for the more restrained customer presents a seersucker shell with the pyramids moved inside. This is capped off with a reversible bucket hat in the same fabrics, though this individual will expect you to rock those pyramids.

GOODS_BY_GOODHOOD_AW13_024-2Having whetted my appetite with the modest but precise release back in August, I was excited to hear that there was more to come. Goodhood’s R. Newbold collections were great because of how the team was able to create unique, constructed pieces that often placed them head-and-shoulders above other stores in the city. Remember the Leopard-Camo jacket with the polka dot pattern across the shoulders? This guy does. He slept and it still hurts.

GOODS_BY_GOODHOOD_AW13_002-2Now that they’re doing things on their own, that same timeless-meets-contemporary feel has returned in full force. It’s all about taking parts of your lifestyle and the clothes that you loved, and finding a way of presenting it in your own voice. The presentation of a classic sports jacket, rejigged in a stylish seersucker and acid-trip pattern that defies classification is a welcome and consistent offering from the store. If anything, it’s pretty representative of what Goodhood has always done. It’s not about being cool. It’s for those that know. Long may it continue.

GOODS_BY_GOODHOOD_AW13_015-2Goods by Goodhood is available right now from their Online Store. Pieces are very limited and are likely to sell out quick, so get your Hazmat suits and cop that straight fire. Phwooo, mercy, I said it. Peace.


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