Well Fed – Fall/Winter 2013 – ‘Cause of Death’ – Part One

tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo8_1280He’s got an awfully good eye, does that Jon D. It feels like a minute since New York’s Well Fed last released something, but the brand returns today with a selection of tees and sweats for Fall.

The cocktail of two tones, simple graphics and sharp tongues is one that Well Fed now has straight ownership of. Running under the tagline ‘Cause of Death’, this instalment presents a mixture of new and old designs that are as consistent and unapologetic as ever.

tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo2_1280Designs like the ‘Born Guilty’ butterfly and ‘Sin Eaters’ long-sleeve present a familiar, tattoo-like style that the brand has always been good for. Likewise, a mixture of text-based graphics and gothic symbols ticks all the boxes for nihilism and morbidity that make a good release from Well Fed.

tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo7_1280 tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo3_1280Straight highlights, however, are the ‘Chain’ graphic and ‘WF’ chest design. If you weren’t around the first time, the Hold On To Your Friends print sold out in some stupid amount of time and is easily one of the hardest prints these guys have ever done. As for the WF print, dude, it’s a snake around an axe, the fuck is wrong with you?

tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo4_1280 tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo5_1280

By this point, there’s not a lot for me to say about WF that you shouldn’t know already. It’s always encouraging to see them come back each season, and hopefully we can look forward to seeing expansions as the brand continues. Until then, get your PayPal ready and prepare for a struggle.

tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo1_1280 tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo9_1280The Well Fed Online Store re-opens today at 11am EST (5pm GMT) and ships worldwide with very reasonable charges. Hot pieces will go very quickly, so you are encouraged to know what you want and buy it quickly. If you’ve never been caught up in the struggle of waiting for people’s shopping carts to randomly empty and replenish stock for you to purchase, let me tell you this; you don’t want that. Enjoy.

tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo10_1280 tumblr_mto7vbvBk31qaouuqo6_1280

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