Goodhood – Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook – ‘Them Bones’

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK_TITLEIt’s been a while since I wrote anything about the Goodhood camp. Anybody who’s spent some time in their store knows that this in and of itself is a travesty, so apologies to the guys. There have been a few interesting developments for the store over the past few months including the introduction of new labels to their roster and a number of exciting collaborations forming part of the GOODS label – look out for a really dope one in the next few weeks. Telling this story on its own would be quite a task, but the store recently produced a lookbook for the upcoming season and, you know, one picture, thousand words, rolling stone, moss, stitches, time.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK2Incorporating pieces from across the store, Goodhood’s new ‘Them Bones’ lookbook presents a selection of outfits for the winter months. Combining Goodhood mainstays like LVC and Wood Wood with exciting newcomers, there’s no doubt that Goodhood’s unique blend of classic clothing with an eyes-forward ethos is as potent as ever.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK5Its title playfully referencing the classic Alice in Chains song, there’s a clear undercurrent of grunge counter-culture running through the outfits, and the shoot is presented in monochrome with subtle touches of humour and human nature. The somber-meets-slapstick tone is a typically counter-intuitive technique that Goodhood employs with great effect. Hey, cool kids don’t smile, they smirk.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK4Current trends are woven comfortably into timeless styles for each shoot. An unassuming chore jacket/chino combination is made modern through Junya Watanabe’s lateral approach to the hooded sweat underlayer. Elsewhere, a Pendleton scarf wrapped boldly around the waist adds a soft-spoken flare to a block coloured ensemble, whilst the same trick with the Goodhood x YMC Brushed Wool Knit is one of the best versions of the waist-tying trend that I’ve seen since its return.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK3Elsewhere we can see more healthy doses of the early 90s street style that Goodhood takes so much inspiration from. Long-sleeve/Short-sleeve layering and slick flannel-jacket/denim mixes present uncompromising 90s subculture style, whilst bolder shirt/tie/coach combos and that fantastic outfit with the NBHD Dealer Coat and Garbstore pants seems to encapsulate that maturing from street-level rebel sentiments to refined, contrarian expressionist style that any true outsider can relate to. It looks fantastic because it’s different. It’s different because it looks fantastic.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK16Overall, it’s always going to be a pleasure when Goodhood puts something out. Primarily, they’re one of the only stores in London (perhaps even the UK) that is actively striving to carve a unique story that goes beyond stock levels and sales right now. Everything they produce from the clothing to the imagery and accompanying media is slick, streamlined and seamless. What makes this so much more is how clearly true this is to the team’s roots and how naturally it all comes to them. There’s not a part of this shoot that doesn’t ooze pure Goodhood style, and you can’t fake that kind of stuff.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK19Aside from the grunge influence of Alice in Chains, however, the name also made me think of that simple song about the interconnectivity of the human body. Knee bone to the thigh bone, you know the rest. It’s another element that Goodhood often brings to the fore, the blending of different elements and sources to highlight the relationship between them. The grunge music meets the iconic styles that it created, whilst the contemporary designers sit alongside the heritage labels that started the stories off.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK9Unique blending of different influences is intrinsically Goodhood, but they’ve also effectively demonstrated how everything blurs together if you do it the right way. There is a subtle thread tying all of these cultures together in a special manner, and shoots like this capture that sentiment for me – to remember the roots when you’re watching the branches. I know, it’s hella dumb, but I like it, and I like this. Peace.

MENS_AW13_LOOKBOOK8_2Goodhood’s Fall/Winter 2013 collections are now available in store and online. Featured brands from the ‘Them Bones’ lookbook include Soulland, Neighborhood, YMC, Levis Vintage Clothing, Garbstore, Junya Watanabe and many more. Check out the store now and enjoy the mix.


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