FUCT – Fall/Winter 2013 – ‘Due in Time’

FUCT13FW01Following the release of their SSDD Collection and Lookbook a few weeks back, FUCT now presents its Fall 2013 collection. Contrasting with SSDD’s focus on constructed clothing and a broader interpretation of the Fuct aesthetic, the main line of Erik Brunetti’s brand stays true to its more visceral core, offering up the regular deal of graphic t-shirts, sweats and accessories like headwear and socks. Headlined by the ‘Brunetti Jr.’ of sorts, J.R. Ewing, the emphasis is on hard-hitting graphics, dripping with social commentary and never afraid to take aim and fire.

A pun on the jailtime term ‘doing time’, the ‘Due in Time’ collection is loosely themed around the notion of jail time & imprisonment – something that the FUCT team knows all too well – and the everyday entrapment that individuals experience in their lives. Far from a downtrodden and depressing affair, the sentiment is that we all might ‘do time’ in our lives in one way or another, but the collection’s mixture of somber and sunshine serves to remind us that ‘it can’t rain everyday’ and ultimately asserts that, no matter who or where you are, ‘your freedom is due in time’.

A recent tradition for FUCT’s collections has been to shoot their lookbooks in an otherwise overlooked or disenfranchised part of the world, using local people – and real people at that – as their models. Previous spots have included the notoriously troubled city of Juarez in Mexico, lying directly across the border from El Paso, and their ‘Gift of Being Naïve’ lookbook from SS12. a powerful piece that saw the FUCT team visit Yesler Terrace in their hometown – the only neighborhood in Seattle that has yet to be redeveloped and now effectively segregates its predominantly Native American inhabitants from the rest of the city.

Continuing that theme, the latest lookbook has been shot in the city of Bangkok in Thailand. The brand takes inspiration from Bangkok’s status as ‘a first-world city with all the trappings of a modern city’, and that its inhabitants daily struggles are themselves ‘not unlike “doing time”’. A video exclusive to Vice shows Ewing and the gang travelling around the city and experiencing the culture. These shots are the result of that exploration, and the result is as poignant as ever.

Classic FUCT aesthetic is dripping from all of the designs; globes wrapped in barbed wire fencing; a map of the USA covered in prison bars; classic American branding reimagined as stinging commentary. I’m glad to see their ‘Friends You Can’t Trust’ mantra returning – I can’t think of a phrase that embodies the American Dream (and the death thereof) more effectively. Similarly, the brand’s popular Yard Suits and monochrome graphics have never felt more apt beneath the overhanging theme of incarceration and imprisonment.

The best thing about these Fuct lookbooks, however, is the way they immerse you completely in the environment. Extra photographs of the surrounding landscapes and community present not a collection against a backdrop, but indeed an entire world going on outside of the Mainstream USA – something that I’m sure is no accident for Ewing et al. Far from skipping from fit to fit, with the FUCT lookbooks I’ll often find myself gazing into the blurry backgrounds, past the t-shirts themselves and into the environment. It’s very hard to look at a t-shirt graphic that reads ‘Modern Jails’ and not feel the presence the aging street-seller within, golden trinkets dangling with crystal clarity in front of his ambivalent face.

That’s the thing with FUCT. Whenever I look at their stuff, it’s always the same kinds of words that come to mind – visceral, raw, agonising, gritty, unapologetic, violent, unfaltering and real. The authenticity of the stories that FUCT tells is never a question; they aren’t writing the narratives, nor are they shaping the discourse. It’s not about that to them, the story is all too clear. They’re just a mouthpiece of dissent to a world that forgot what dissent sounds like.

On that note, I hope you’ll take a good look at the photos now and keep reading the texts that Fuct presents, because we’d all do well to absorb the universal messages within and reflect upon the world that we currently call ‘ours’. Freedom is not ‘ours'; it is simply due in time. Enjoy.

The FUCT Fall/Winter 2013 collection is available for pre-order from the FUCT Online Store, and will release officially tomorrow, November 15th. You can also find FUCT in stockists across the world including Union LA and The Chimp Store in Leeds. Peace.


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