Goodhood x Soulland

Following on from the illustrative preview by Clara Lacy earlier in the week, last night saw the official unveiling and release of Goodhood’s collaboration with Soulland. Presenting a concise collection of a t-shirt, a crewneck, two shirts and a jacket, elements of both houses can be found woven into each piece and the end result definitely didn’t disappoint.

A graphic t-shirt sets the frame for the collection with a simple print of a skeleton. Two familiar quotes are featured on the front and back as well, blending the illustration with typical Goodhood humour, and the t-shirt is named ‘Coronet’ after the street that has been the Hood’s home since its opening.


It’s the constructed pieces, however, where the skeleton motif really comes into its own. Familiar pieces from Soulland’s repertoire such as their crisp white shirting and terry cotton sweatshirts are reimagined in the Goodhood mode; the crewneck, for example, features the postman-inspired split shoulder yoke that Soulland has incorporated into recent pieces, but is now embroidered down the arms with a chain-like skeleton pattern. Keeping things plain on the sweatshirt’s body save for a traditional v-notch on the neck and ribbed side panels, the result is a surprisingly accessible piece that would work well as an every day staple but still stands out as a unique garment.

GOODHOOD_X_SOULLAND_041-2In the ‘Sindle Shirt’, another popular Soulland motif is given the Goodhood twist. Tipping its hat to the brand’s recent Home & Away series that featured embroidered arc graphics across shirting and sweats, a similar technique is employed around the shirt’s collar. The use of grey on white allows the intricate graphic to remain subdued, adding a soft and tasteful decoration to the piece without overstating itself. Embroidered quotes are worked in as well, promising something extra for anyone with a discerning eye.

GOODHOOD_X_SOULLAND_029-2The ‘Tickle Shirt’, meanwhile, rejuvenates Soulland’s penchant for printed shirting with a patchwork design that experiments with classic Goodhood and Soulland motifs such as polka dots, denim, screen-printing and the Soulland bow. Each panel is layered over the last to create a unique piece that reflects the spirit of the collaboration – two identities, unique and independent in their own rights, brought together and woven into a single piece. On the one hand you have the muted tones and sartorial edge of Soulland, whilst on the other you’ve got the cross-cutural, ramshackle aesthetic of Goodhood that brings good things together. I especially liked the polka-dot bow pattern; I don’t think you can get much closer to the bone than that.

GOODHOOD_X_SOULLAND_008-2Finally, a reiteration of the GOODS coach jacket is offered in wool, complete with a jacquard-embroidered lining and hidden side zip-pockets. Appropriately offered in heather grey with black hardware and drawstring, the piece stays true to its roots and feels clear in its intent as a Soulland twist on Goodhood style – a classic casual sportswear piece reimagined in somber tones for the colder climates – what more could you want?

GOODHOOD_X_SOULLAND_044Overall, the collection has clarity and a clear spirit that can be traced back to the two teams involved. Soulland’s releases often have a real air of simplicity around them even when they’re anything but, and that was something I felt needed to be maintained in order for things to remain ‘Soulland’ in essence. The embroidered crewneck encapsulates this sentiment for me, taking contemporary style and working it into a calm, comfortable piece of clothing that won’t go out of style.

By working with staples of the brand’s collections and giving them a subtle, unified twist, the result translates well and is fitting of both of the labels involved. What’s more, with the finishing touch of naming each piece after a member of the Goodhood team, it brings out that deeply personal involvement and really sets the frame. There’s collaborating, and then there’s doing it For Those That Know.

SOULLAND_GH_NEWS1The Goodhood x Soulland collection is available exclusively from Goodhood right now in-store and through their Online Store where you can also see photos from last night’s launch. If you want to learn more about Soulland you should visit their website and register for information about their new online store that will be opening very soon. Safe.

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