GOODS by Goodhood x Soulland

Having now placed both feet firmly in the ring with two mainline releases, GOODS by Goodhood has been turning things up a notch with a slew of collaborative releases. Collaborating first with YMC, the store produced a striped woolen jumper inspired by the one famously worn by Jonny Rotten, whilst a second collaboration saw Goodhood’s beloved polka-dots applied to a cotton windbreaker jacket by Universal Works. With the GOODS name now firmly placed on the landscape, the team has enlisted the help of an old friend in Silas Adler and Soulland to present a full collaborative range.

Keeping things quiet, neither side has said much about the collaboration thus far, although we have been promised t-shirts, shirts and jackets. Eschewing the traditional lookbook, we are instead offered three illustrations by Clara Lacy that ties the collaboration back to the origins of Silas Adler and Goodhood co-founder Kyle Stewart – Skateboarding.

SOULLAND_GOODHOOD_ILLUSTRATIONS2Frankly, anything I say right now is speculation, so I’m not going to wax lyrical on a collection that I haven’t seen yet. In a recent conversation with Adler, however, the Soulland founder was brimming with praise for the Goodhood team. Far from the finance-focal collaborations that we sometimes see in the fashion world (Been Trill didn’t invent it), he described this collaboration as a ‘pure “homeboy”, family thing’ and how discussions with the Goodhood team always made this collaboration a matter of ‘what’ and ‘when’ rather than ‘why’ or ‘how’. Built off of a long-standing relationship of shared sentiments and complimentary visions, all I can say for certain is that things will almost certainly be a fitting representation of the ethos of both houses – instinctive, precise and deeply personal.

SOULLAND_GOODHOOD_ILLUSTRATIONSThe Goodhood x Soulland collection will be revealed at a special launch party at The Goodhood Store tomorrow, starting at 6pm with drinks provided by Peroni. Pieces will be available for purchase both online and in-store from that point onwards. Until then, you can find the odd sneak photo buried in the Goodhood instagram and elsewhere on their website, in a dark dark house down some dark dark stairs in a dark dark cellar; if you don’t get the reference then you were deprived as a child. Peace.


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