Well Fed – Fall/Winter 2013 – ‘Cause of Death’ – Part Two

Shouts out to Well Fed who came through with the second part of their ‘Cause of Death’ collection earlier this week. Following on from the first segment of the season that was released back in September, the latest release revisits some familiar themes and presents a mixture of old favourites and brand new bangers as we enter the new year.

tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo2_1280The titular ‘Cause of Death’ design gets a revamp on charcoal with a black hit, and the seminal ‘Hold On To Your Friends’ graphic gets a long-sleeve treatment with a neat little screen on the left forearm.

tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo4_1280Two pocket tees also get a refined dose of the Well Fed flavour on the ‘Return to Sender’ and ‘Thick as Thieves’ tees, using classic hardcore visuals with a trademark sharp-tongued aesthetic. Likewise, the ‘Luxury’ tee blends elements of prison tattooing, DIY and black-heart humour with roman numerals signifying the ‘WF’ initial on the chest and Jon D’s classic illustrative style on the back.

tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo5_1280The highlight for me comes with the ‘Vicious Cycle 2’ design which takes a new approach to a design from a few seasons ago, using all of the elements of Well Fed aesthetic in really slick unison. Alongside that, the ‘Born Guilty’ hoody is just a straight banger, say no more, say no more.

tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo7_1280As far as I’m concerned, it’s another season down for Well Fed. With more and more brands coming to my attention through social media and the like, I’m seeing an increasing number of people rehashing the mainstream trends and getting mad props for it for a season or two before fading back into irrelevance. Well Fed has been rocking a style that is now so pervasive for a minute now, and it always came from a real place that’s relevant to the people behind it and the heads that make each season a sell-out. It’s just fundamentally real, no bandwagons, no hype-huggers.

tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo1_1280With this latest release nothing’s changed and a few hectic days have left me writing about a collection that’s already pretty much gone – apologies to the guys at Well Fed and anyone who missed out on pieces, been caught slipping.

tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo6_1280Having said that, if you hadn’t heard about Well Fed by now maybe you should shift your focus from Hood By Air and its millions of mediocre imitations, put some Bane on and get a bit of blood in your belly. You’ll thank me later, shouts out to Drake. Peace.


tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo8_r1_1280 tumblr_mzd99c9oIh1qaouuqo3_1280

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