BACON – #probablybaconsocks

NB: Apologies for my absence. I’ve had a lot of work going on here and there recently and unfortunately, as much joy as it brings me, volunteering my opinion about various lumps of fabric and leather has had to take a begrudging back seat.

Please do rest assured, I’ve been looking at the same lookbooks and editorials as you have and the pot is still bubbling. Some quick notes; no, I don’t like the RT AF1s; I don’t really get the big deal about the Pigalle ones either but good for the Paris crew for doing it; Box Logo hype is silly and is just going to result in another dead icon (see: Stüssy World Tour logo and Andre The Giant). That’s not to say it’ll ever reach the same scale, but take it from me, a few Summer weeks walking around Shoreditch seeing a Taxi Driver tee every five minutes is going to officially dead any sort of cultural or sartorial aura that the two t-shirts have and, that considered, I’d rather put my money into something substantial as opposed to simulated heritage. On that note…



Lock up your daughters, burn down your accountant’s office and fire your graphic designer – BACON is back. The Tokyo collective of visual media artists and post-internet ambassadors has reconvened for a new collection of fashion pieces for Summer 2014. 

Following a hectic 2013 which saw the group creating exclusive visuals for C.E as well as shooting lookbooks for other labels in Japan, the group began circulating photographs of socks with their trademark scattered letter motif sparking rumours that, in the future, it was probable that Bacon was making socks. The wait is finally over, and yesterday our suspicions were confirmed with the release of a capsule collection suggestively titled, ‘#probablybaconsocks’.

sb_5The collection consists of a pair of socks and two strapback caps, each sporting the letters for BACON scattered across their bodies. The caps come in traditional BACON blue/white and black/orange colourways, whilst the socks get a simple black/white treatment. They’re socks, and they’re by BACON. Failing that, this much we know – they probably are.


‘#probablybaconsocks’ comes accompanied by a lookbook starring BACON’s very own Pootee. Any attempt to describe BACON’s visual aesthetic usually results in me bursting out laughing before reverting to an uncomfortable but smug silence that suggests ‘I’m on some next level tip other people don’t get’, but equally suggests ‘I’m not sure that I get it either’, so I’ll limit myself to saying this – it’s visually stunning, it makes very little sense in the best way, and the photograph of Pootee laying face down in a pile of leaves moves me in equal parts to tears and to joy.


BACON’s #probablybaconsocks collection released yesterday and sold out almost immediately. The group announced via their tumblr that they have ordered more stock and will be updating the website soon, so if you’re interested keep checking back at Bacon-Index and drop them an email. Let’s lay the facts out as we see them – a box logo t-shirt is definite hype. Pigalle x Nike AF1 is definite hype. These, if I’m not mistaken, are #probablybaconsocks. Thanks again and I hope to be back properly soon.


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