Cav Empt x SHOWstudio x Oneohtrix Point Never Capsule Collection

Now approaching the end of its SS14 season, CAV EMPT has just announced a new three-way collaboration to wind things down. Working with British filmmaker Nick Knight’s fashion-film team SHOWstudio and Brooklyn electronic artist Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN), the project presents new graphics designed by OPN and C.E, accompanied by an animated film and a capsule collection of sweats and tees that will be available exclusively from SHOWstudio.

C.E X OPN X SHOWSTUDIO 1OPN has built a considerable profile over the past 8 years with his experimental dance music that often transcends classification. His latest album, R Plus Seven, is a spectrum-sprawling arrangement of glimmers and chimes that sounds like a fusion of temple drones, infomercial soundtracks and digital raindrops. In context of this collaboration, he’s in comfortable territory working alongside Sk8thing et al.

Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven

Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven

The visuals for the collaboration revolve around doors; the animated film presents an illustrated passage through the rooms and corridors of a house; the clothing features a central graphic of a series of doors, accompanied by large amounts of text. The collection offers a crewneck sweatshirt and two t-shirts, each using the visuals to different effect.


A regular collaborator with audiovisual contemporaries such as Zomby, Actress and Bacon, the decision to work with OPN would be atypical from any other label, but with C.E it works well. The young brand has worked in close quarters with groups like The Trilogy Tapes and Tim & Barry, as well as hosting a plethora of club nights and events in its various strongholds, and has already laid strong foundations as a brand with a legitimate command of culture. I remember grabbing the OPN album a few months back on an unorthodox recommendation – ‘Zebra’ is the banger on the album by the way, I’d like to think this is what it sounded like when Jesus was resurrected – and working with the C.E team fits comfortably for all parties.

C.E X OPN X SHOWSTUDIO 2The graphics work as well, merging the factions together and maintaining the appropriate level of weird and wonderful that all three have made part of their formulae. I especially like the text-heavy aspect of the designs – a lot of it reads like those roleplaying gamebooks people used to read, which pleases me for reasons I have yet to decide, but I’ll go with it (edit: the SHOWstudio webstore confirms this, so I’m not crazy). Maybe I’m looking at it as an even further extreme of the ‘hyper-branded’ trend we’re seeing come out of fashion right now, but then looking at this blog I think it becomes obvious that I like to say a lot, and maybe I’m just happy to see a piece of clothing that has as much to say as I normally do about clothing. It gets lonely over here sometimes. RT if u crid.


The C.E x SHOWstudio x Oneohtrix Point Never collaboration will be available exclusively from the SHOWstudio website today, becoming available at Cav Empt’s webstore from June 23rd. Oneohtrix Point Never’s album R Plus Seven is available to buy right now, and comes with a high recommendation from this completely irrelevant sap if you’re the type that likes to take orders from people with little certified cultural capital; hey, you read this far, so there’s hope for me yet. Peace.


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