The Goodhood Store is Getting Gooder


Just a quick heads up on the back of a healthy cocktail of murmurs made, rumours milled and details divulged in recent months around East London’s original outsider store.

When The Goodhood Store first opened its doors back in 2007, the team put in serious work to establish the store’s status as a flagship of contemporary counter culture. Over the next few years Goodhood would go on to supply some of the best alternative men’s and women’s brands around, create a seminal collaborative series with Japanese brand R. Newbold, expand its operations with a Lifestyle boutique in separate premises and, most notably, cultivate a genuine, buzzing creative scene situated around its doors. Seven years later with all the sweat accounted for, the Goodhood team has announced it will be opening a brand new store on Shoreditch’s Curtain Road.

According to Hypebeast, the new 3000 square-foot premises will see the store growing outwards in all directions with new brands, larger product selections and a more uniquely-tailored shopping experience curated with the Goodhood touch. A collaboration with local entrepreneur Brett Redman will also see the launching of the Goodhood Café, a new in-store coffee shop that should make giving them your money an even more pleasant experience than usual. Smiles all round then.

Expect more information when it becomes available, and keep your eyes out for the new Goodhood Store on Curtain Road in early September. Shouts to the Coronet Crew and here’s to the next level!

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