Bedwin & The Heartbreakers – Fall/Winter 2014 – ‘Don’t You’

83It’s been a minute, Bedwin! Last time I mentioned Masafumi Watanabe’s Bedwin & The Heartbreakers I was applauding the brand’s light-touch approach to classic rock & roll style; something I described as ‘bubblegum’ fashion for its lighthearted and accessible aesthetic.

119Since then the brand has continued to go from strength to strength with some solid collections that have carried the story on nicely. Recently the brand released their lookbook for the fall season which features some amazing pieces and wonderful styling, so it felt like time to go back and have another discussion. Sorry Masafumi-san, you caught me slipping.


The title for this collection, ‘Don’t You’, is taken from the 1985 hit single by Simple Minds and perennial mainstay of coming-of-age high school movies, ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’. Several outfits and pieces draw further allusions to a high school/college aesthetic, continuing Bedwin’s history of strengthening its collections with subtle cultural markers.

63Set in corridors, on playing fields and waiting room benches, the lookbook reinforces a youthful aesthetic with referential outfits and subtle markers. The overall vibe is a laidback, comfortable style with lots of layers and casual pairing of items.


Moving beyond this, style shots present more classic varsity styles with heavyweight Letterman jackets and thick, quilted outerwear pieces. Contemporary trends like cuffed trousers and pure-white clothing are woven into the picture to bring the Breakfast Club aesthetic into a modern lens.


Most notable, however, is the brand’s continued production of unisex and dual-gender pieces that bring menswear and womenswear together. It’s great to see a brand continuing to cater to women with comfortable, practical clothing and emphasising this in its lookbooks and style shots. The girl in the ‘Yeah’ hoodie might be the best fit of the whole collection, a simple and well-pieced outfit that looks sexy and comfy as hell.


Looking closely at product, the collection is a usual array of vintage-style garments and wildcard pieces that make up the Bedwin identity. Pieces are subtly accented with stripes and textures, whilst an organic colour palette and a reserved approach to classic silhouettes keeps everything tastefully anchored in its ancestry. Throw in a few neck-bows (unnngh, fantastic) unorthodox graphics and statement pieces (You had me at ‘leather biker vest’) and you’ve got a classic collection from the brand. Long story short, Bedwin stays breaking hearts.


Bedwin & The Heartbreakers‘ F/W 2014 ‘Don’t You’ collection will be available from stockists worldwide over the coming weeks. For more information and to see the collection and product range in its entirety, visit the Bedwin website. Otherwise, check out my highlights from the Style page below. Peace!

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