Breaks Magazine 2nd Anniversary x TAX FREE LDN @ Basement, London Edition

After two years of blood, sweat and tears, the guys at Breaks Mag celebrated a milestone last night, marking the 2nd anniversary of the online magazine’s conception and allowing some time to celebrate all that they’ve achieved so far. Accompanied by this was the announcement that the team would be doing away with their bi-monthly releases, giving way to a new format that promises rolling updates every week to bring the latest in contemporary culture to the table.

The team celebrated this with a commemorative gallery exhibition at Red Bull Studios – with drinks provided by Coors Light, Jura Whisky and Red Bull – followed by a Breaks party with the infamous TAX FREE LDN at Basement in the London Edition. Whilst I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend the gallery exhibition due to other commitments, I did manage to make it along to the after-party to revel in the chaos that is a Tom Kirkby-led party. I managed to get a few good photos too, and there’s a disposable camera in my bag waiting to be developed once I manage to actually find somewhere that will do it. Apparently Google lies a lot if you ask it where to get film developed in South East London.

On a side note, it seems like an appropriate time to note that the Breaks team was one of the very first to show support and invite me to be a part of their team. The whole project has been a labour of love from day one and it’s great to see that labour paying off. These are some of the best creative minds coming out of the scene right now and they’re doing it because they live and breathe it – something that always comes through in their work.

Anyway, enjoy the photos below and head over to BREAKSMAG.COM right now to enjoy the all-new website and check back regularly for the latest word from the other side of the fence. Respect to the team and here’s to another two.

20140814 BreaksBasement 01 20140814 BreaksBasement 07 20140814 BreaksBasement 03 20140814 BreaksBasement 02 20140814 BreaksBasement 09 20140814 BreaksBasement 06 BreaksBasement8

Photograph courtesy of Samuel Bradley.Last photo courtesy of Samuel Bradley.


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