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tumblr_mjjd91wWuI1qhbpg8o1_1280Ever since I first wrote about BACON several months back, I’ve been receiving regular emails from a Gmail account called hellshop2012 (Subject “Re: stay sleeping on the real“) with a link to a Tumblr page. Every single time I’ve checked back for information, and every time I’ve been unable to eke anything more than a name and a general feel.

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HellShop (aka HellShop2012 aka HS12 aka HellShit aka HSSHIT) is a conceptual brand whose owners have yet to reveal themselves to me. The stripped blog only ever contains a handful of images, all of which are removed before new material goes up – perhaps if I ask nicely they’ll send some of the old stuff over to share. Posts have included t-shirt designs, logo flips, brand identity materials and various found media.


A brief discussion with the owner revealed that the brand was effectively entirely conceptual with no physical releases. It was basically a brand without product, producing without producing anything. This intrigued me. Eventually the owner emailed me a few weeks back, revealing plans to move out from the virtual, producing physical product to ‘debut things a more “traditional” way‘. Sentences like this make me very happy.


HellShop has now released a collection of photos of a man wearing two t-shirts sporting original HellShop graphics. The ‘Hurtz’ tee is a flip of the Hertz Rent-A-Car logo, while the ‘Stoner’ tee features an image of someone being stoned to death above a one-word caption.


There’s a strange collision of culture, symbology, satire and sombre going on here. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m a big fan and hoping to see more. HellShop is a pretty cool name too, like something from an old Sega Genesis game.


I’ve been discussing this brand in private circles for ages, desperate to share it but with absolutely no idea how I might go about that. Now that HellShop has come forward with images of real, physical product, that job has become marginally easier. As far as pricing, availability, release dates, shipping costs – heck, clarification that these things are even going to release at all – you’ll have to go straight to the source. Ask nicely, maybe you’ll find something out.

HellShop – It might be real.

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