Ludjero Martins

Ludjero Martins.Photo by Joana D

Ludjero Martins.
Photo by Joana D

Oh, Internet. Such is the age in which we are now living that you can find yourself making acquaintances without even realising it. In the case of Ludjero Martins, I first learnt about him when I saw some of his photos from Crepe City at the Old Truman Brewery and liked what I saw. I decided to follow, got a follow back, and gradually our worlds became more and more proximate.

tumblr_n3hm51Nr591r21njpo1_1280Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Ludjero arrived in London back in February with an aim towards building a portfolio and making a name. In the past few months he has done precisely that, winding his way through the scene shooting events and building an impressive portfolio of shots.

tumblr_n3hg1bg87p1r21njpo1_1280Sadly, I’m really not an authority on photography, technical or practical. As the system works over here, I see things, I like them, I share them, so that’s what I’m doing. All I can say is I like the depth in a lot of these photos; there’s a lot of character and flavour coming out of the shots that comes with a particular photographer’s stylization and I like what Martins does.

tumblr_n3hli19t4H1r21njpo1_1280The foot-shots from Crepe City are an unexpected favourite. They have some nice layers to them that make me very pleased. You can’t look at those 97s chilling with all those shoeboxes and tell me that there isn’t a whole story in that photograph. All things aside, they’re some really nice shots and worth sharing for that reason alone. You’re welcome.

tumblr_n9szerrpR11r21njpo1_1280You can check out more work from Ludjero Martins at his own blog, or follow him on Instagram for regular updates. Enjoy the shots and look out for him around. Safe.

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