FPAR hits The Goodhood Store

A few weeks back it was announced that Forty Percents Against Rights – the early 90s screen-printing predecessor to Tetsu Nishiyama’s seminal brand WTaps – would be available to purchase outside of Japan for the first time in its history.

IMG_9821Promising a full selection of FPAR goods, it was an exciting piece of news for committed fans of the Harajuku movement – the 90s Japanese streetwear explosion that subsequently birthed Undercover, Neighborhood, WTaps, Bape and countless other seminal Japanese labels. Slated to hit select shelves in Europe, there’s now some more concrete details coming through on the UK front courtesy of the Goodhood team.

IMG_9811FPAR has now arrived at the store and will be available to purchase from Thursday September 25th, with a section of the shop being specially dedicated to the FPAR product range including (I’m told) one or two pieces that will be exclusive to the Goodhood store in extremely limited numbers.

PinnySo far we’ve been promised t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, notebooks and other various homeware pieces, but judging by the runaway success of the Curtain Road store – a Harajuku-worthy retail experience according to heads better informed than I – it’s fair to say that this won’t be a half-arsed venture, so brush your teeth twice daily, leave some Yen under your pillow and pray for more FPAR goodness over the coming months.

IMG_9800This is a particularly good bit of news for London’s streetwear scene and the wider UK scene in general. FPAR is a brand with a lot of cultural significance in terms of what it represents. Some of these designs are carbon copies of the pieces that TET originally designed on the OS 6 Apple Macintosh gifted to him by either Sk8thing or Shinsuke Takizawa in the 1990s – and I can just about remember playing a Snoopy Bowling floppy disk on my dad’s one when I was about 3, so let’s be clear that this was no small task. The game was fucking impossible as well, so if anyone has a copy lying around sort me out so I can level it with that smug dog once and for all.


This is a great little contemporary fashion time capsule that goes straight to the heart of streetwear’s genesis, so no doubt there will be a mass of creatives and streetwear fans across the UK that will be stoked to get their hands on pieces from one of the very first brands to put passion and politics into the graphic t-shirt – Fuck Sheppard Fairey. There, I said it.


Look out for FPAR in Goodhood from this Thursday, September 25th. Be sure to check out the FPAR website to see and learn more about the brand and I hope you have a nice week. Safe.


My Life is My Life Hoody IMG_9776


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