indcsn x Breaks Mag – ‘Writing Wrongs’

indcsnbreaks_5Following the release of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection a few weeks back, the guys over at indcsn have announced a special collaboration with the Breaks Mag team, celebrating the online magazine’s re-launch with a capsule of t-shirts and long-sleeves.

indcsnbreaks_1Offering a short-sleeve tee in white and a long-sleeve in black, the pieces play on indcsn’s signature UKHC style with referential graphics and classic typography, using the ‘Writing Wrongs’ tagline to tip its hat to the Breaks team’s no-nonsense approach to its craft. Joint branding on the long-sleeves and back graphic brings things together nicely, resulting in a simple release with a sincere sense of camaraderie from the people involved.

indcsnbreaks_2Some might have already seen these tees popping up in photos from the Breaks Mag re-launch party where the whole Breaks team was repping. The tees caught my eyes a few times in the evening and it’s nice to see them getting a proper release now. As far as the link-up goes, both Breaks and indcsn have rich Northern roots (Breaks predominantly hailing from Leeds and Newcastle, whilst indcsn reps Leeds through and through) and they’ve built strong ties in the scene together over the past few years. As far as this release goes, it’s one that genuinely makes sense as a group of mates coming together and marking a milestone in their respective developments.

indcsnbreaks_3The release is accompanied by a lookbook shot by Norwegian photographer Homegrown Diamonds. Styled simply with a bucket, blue denim and some Old Skools, it’s true to the street-level mentality of both teams and puts the collab across well. I’ve got to say that those sleeve prints look pretty nuts, pure and simple.

indcsnbreaks_4The indcsn x Breaks Mag ‘Writing Wrongs’ capsule will release tomorrow, September 18th exclusively at Check out the recently revamped Breaks website now for some quality articles, including an interview with Bobby Hundreds (and the occasional think-piece by yours truly, but that’s none of my business *sips tea*). All the best and enjoy the shots.


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