The Death of the Snapback (Article for Complex UK)

I’m not gonna lie, when Joey Essex and his crew are loading up on Mitchell & Ness for the trip to Malia, alarm bells start ringing for the rest of us to make a swift departure (sorry, not sorry). Never one to avoid a bit of controversy, it seemed like time to get together with the people over at Complex UK to write an article about The Death of the Snapback.

Fortunately there’s been a strong revival of the classic low-top cap with the rudeboy bent peak, so I put together a list of my favourite caps without that dreaded click-adjustment for your viewing pleasure. Click through the image below to read the whole article, I hope you enjoy and remember – it might just be fashun, but it’s never just fashun. Peace.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 15.24.10

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