Gary Aspden, Spezial & the Importance of British Street Culture (Interview for Complex UK)

When Complex UK got in touch and asked me if I’d like to interview Gary Aspden – the man who facilitated adidas Originals’ first ever collaboration with A Bathing Ape and presented over 600 pairs of adidas trainers (most of them his own) for the 2013 Spezial Exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery – I knew I would need to do some research, come equipped with some decent conversation or go home.

Where some people’s insight might come from books and folklore stories handed down from the heads that came before them – hi there – Gary Aspden has spent decades alongside the brand with 3-stripes, buying and collecting the shoes for many years before he ended up working within their innermost circles. When I planned this interview I wanted to explore the idea of British street culture and ask him about how his new Spezial clothing collection seems to have tapped into an area of that history that hadn’t yet been properly documented.

Over the course of half an hour I received a wealth of knowledge and insight that touched upon a notion of British streetwear that is so often felt much more than spoken, and the result was a real eye-opener into the passionate culture that surrounds adidas in certain corners of this little island. You can read the whole interview by clicking through on the image below, and massive respect to Complex UK, adidas Originals and Gary Aspden for a great little chat. Safe.


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