The Moving Development – Fall/Winter 2014 Collection – ‘Stand Tall’

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-10It has been way too long since I last gave a mention to The Moving Development. After a crazy year and a half (for all sorts of reasons) the brainchild of Bristol designer Bakes is back for the Fall with another round of solid constructed pieces and graphic tees that show us how independent UK streetwear is really done.

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-1After releasing their ‘Forcing the Pace’ collection back in April last year, the TMD studio suffered a break-in that sent a solid trajectory off course in a horrible way. Things went necessarily quiet for a bit, but it looks like the brand has dusted itself off and come back even harder. Then again, when your motto is ‘Hard Riding & Ruthless’ there’s not really any other way, right?


The Moving Development’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is titled ‘Stand Tall’ and brings back a familiar flavour from the brand, taking Bakes’ well-known passion for Japanese style and premium construction and blending it with his own cold-blooded aesthetic. The brand’s slick typefaces and lightning bolt motifs make a welcome return, embroidered onto a selection of outerwear and caps, while we also get a glimpse of some impressive flannels, button-up shirts and printed tees.

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-3Elsewhere we can see a retro-style hooded sweat with contrast raglan sleeves and a simple canvas tote, all brought in line with consistent graphics. If there’s one thing you can say about TMD it’s that Bakes never cuts corners when it comes to his craft. Every piece looks exactly the way it should.

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-4For the lookbook we get a familiar setting of a gritty workshop in a washed-out vintage palette. It’s easy to see the brand’s influences come through with the use of motorcycles and axle grinders (‘sup Shinsuke), but that makes it easy to forget that this is a one-man operation coming out of Bristol, so it’s only cause for more reflection on how solid the whole production actually is.

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-5TMD is a seriously impressive operation. From the brand’s genesis Bakes has been using the best materials possible and driving the brand forward in ways unlike any other independent UK label right now. As time has passed each release from TMD has shown greater ambition, more focus and a consistent visual aesthetic that has driven an already solid product rapidly forward and made the whole progression more enjoyable to watch.

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-6Even now, having gone through an experience that would have knocked most people straight out of the game, Bakes has stayed true to the brand’s foundations and come back with a collection that leaves you wondering what the hell everyone else has been doing with their time. Hard Riding and Ruthless, Forcing The Pace, each strap line has been faithful to the philosophy of its creator, so it’s no surprise that the same is true of this season’s strap; Stand Tall or Don’t Stand At All.


The first instalment of The Moving Development’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection will be available from the brand’s website from Today, October 1st 2014 at 13:00GMT. Follow the brand on Instagram at @bakestmd for all the latest and keep an eye out for more updates in the future, it’s bound to be big. Have a good one.

The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-8 The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-9 The-Moving-Development-AW14-Stand-Tall-Lookbook-11

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