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Apologies for the absence, it’s been a pretty hectic few months for a number of reasons but things should be back to normal now. Expect a couple in-depth articles over the next few days.

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Big things going on in Soho in recent months! Following the opening of Palace’s first ever flagship store on Brewer Street and the arrival of BBC/Ice Cream’s flagship on Marshall Street alongside Manchester Oi Polloi’s own venture, the renowned PR, distribution and marketing company a number of names* has announced it will be joining the neighbourhood with its very own store on Upper James Street.

Already well-known for its work with respected labels like BBC, Human Made, Cav Empt & Bape, anon* is making an interesting venture into its own retail project that will blend the team’s unique fashion perspective with the creative influence of its respective brands and designers.

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It’s already sizing up to be something worthy of your attention. Alongside selections from its extensive roster of brands, anon* will be building on its firm relationship with TET, Sk8thing et al to curate exclusive pieces for the store, as well as offering an array of anon* branded product and accessories with the team’s inimitable identity. Not only this, there’s promise of a number of incoming labels that will be unavailable anywhere else in the EU. Rough Translation: Bun your Karmaloop garments.

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Overall it’s a very interesting concept. anon* is a respected name in the scene, and has demonstrated between its own sample sales and the BBC store’s runaway success that it knows how to draw a crowd, and the storm that enveloped the BBC Boy Better Know t-shirts was a demonstration of how to do limited edition properly. They stock decent brands, they run a tight operation and they keep everything very clean. It seems counter-intuitive to think of a PR and distro company opening its own retail store normally, but in the case of a company with character like anon*, it’s actually a pretty logical step. I’ll be looking forward to watching it develop over the next few months.

The a number of names* store is located at 4 Upper James Street just off Carnaby Street and opens its doors on Saturday May 23rd. Brands will include BBC Ice Cream, Bedwin, Human Made, Kinfolk, Gourmet, 6876, TSPTR, FPAR and Ebbets Field Flannels as well as anon* signature product. More in the coming weeks, but that’s all you’re getting now. Watch the video below, enjoy the pictures, follow their Instagram sign up for updates straight from the source. Safe.

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