FootPatrol x Reebok Ventilator ‘Hotstepper’ Launch Party with Breaks Agency


Last Thursday saw the official launch of London sneaker boutique FootPatrol‘s latest collaborative effort. This time around the FP team got together with Reebok to mark the 25th anniversary of the Ventilator silhouette. The shoe was first released way back in 1990 as an aerobics model to accompany the burgeoning step aerobics craze of the times. As a result, the shoe itself is a pretty solid all-rounder model—the kind that would look comfortable on linoleum floors all across the land.

To kick off the celebrations FootPatrol and Reebok got together with Breaks Agency for an evening of retro leisure goodness, transforming the FP store into a typical gym locker room with essential swimming floats, lifeguard attire, ear-piercing whistles and exercise equipment. On entry, guests were handed a key—complete with one of those chalky rubber wristbands—to try out on each of the locker doors. If their key worked they could keep whatever they found inside, with prizes ranging from skipping ropes and exercise balls to pairs of the collaborative shoe. In what is clearly a fucking travesty I didn’t win shit, but somebody did take pity on me and gave me a resistance tube, so rest assured I now have calves of steel and will destroy anybody that dares to cross me in my Tuesday night Jazzercise class.


Anyway, after the store got genuinely bum rushed by sneakerheads with a sudden passion for workout equipment, the event panned out into a typical FP event with drinks flowing courtesy of Heineken and a solid selection of synthy 90s workout classics. It was good fun and massive props to FP, Reebok and Breaks for putting together a decent evening. I had my Instax with me and took a few photos as well. Normally I’d confess that point-and-click instant cameras appeal to me because I have zero photographic skill whatsoever and an unhealthy anxiety about the disappearance of the physical world in the digital age, but in the context of a 90s-themed footwear collaboration with appropriately dated tunes, the blurry film aesthetic fits perfectly, so instead I’ll just give you a Del Boy wink and say it was all part of the plan. Trust me. Anyway, enjoy the photos, check out Breaks’ own high-res recap over here and hit the FootPatrol website to check out the shoes.

Oh yeah, and if you see Tom Kirkby in the street anytime soon, make sure you run up to him and rub his rosy northern cheeks for good luck.

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