anon* x FPAR – ‘droogs’ T-Shirt

Staying true to the promise that their new store would be accompanied by a slew of collaborative pieces, a number of names* has come through with its latest joint release, a t-shirt made in conjunction with Tetsu Nishiyama’s Forty Percents Against Rights.


Using anon*’s signature typeface and blue colour palette, the ‘droogs’ tee is a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange. The piece is also inspired by Craig Ford of anon* and TET’s shared love of classic films and cultural symbology, so beyond its immediate referent it also subtly riffs on other media such as Repo Man and PIL’s ‘Album’. The result is a simple t-shirt that reads much deeper than its immediate impact and is the kind of thing that I fiend over. An accompanying video lookbook was shot on the Thamesmead Estate which played the background for the original film as well, so everything has been tied together very nicely.


Needless to say, the next week’s viewing and listening schedules are now completely sorted once I finish watching Twin Peaks again. On a side note, if you know any log cabins with Technicolor palettes that are available anywhere, let me know, I need a change of scenery. Eery midi violin soundtracks and Diane not essential, but preferred.


The anon* x FPARDroogs’ tee is available now from the a number of names* store on Upper James Street as well as their ever-expanding online store. Check out the video below. Right right? Right right.

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