Hypebeast Magazine Issue 10: The Alliance Issue — Launch Event at the anon* Store

Thursday saw the release of Hypebeast’s 10th issue of their print publication. As its name suggests, the ‘Alliance’ issue centralises around the ideas of collaboration and joining forces, exploring these concepts through a series of interviews with some of the scene’s most prominent figures and a number of other features. Highlights include a photoeditorial by renowned skate photographer and long-time Supreme collaborator Ari Marcopoulos, a discussion with United Arrows & Sons buyer turned celebrity figure in his own right Poggy and an interview with Craig Ford of a number of names* by the talented Calum Gordon, winning the ‘Best Title’ award out of all the recent articles with ‘Socialists & Fordism’. You can still hear the zings ringing out in alternate dimensions.


It’s fitting to the theme that Hypebeast would then get together with a number of names* for a little launch event at their store to mark the release. With a hefty supply of drinks from Peroni and Rekorderlig Cider, everyone was invited down to take a little look through the magazine and generally cause more hassle for cabbies and unwitting drivers in central.


Not being funny, there’s been a lot of beef kicking off around London at the moment between black cabbies and Uber drivers, with cabbies getting all sanctimonious about the fact that when you pay fifty quid for a journey that Uber does for twenty, you’re paying for their knowledge and sly shortcuts around the city or whatever else. If that premium price doesn’t come with the knowledge that driving straight through Soho on a Thursday night is going to add five minutes onto your journey with a load of #menswear dudebros going “wheeeey” as the car smashes glass under its tyres, I genuinely cannot help you.


Enough about my contempt for cab drivers though. I went along to check things out and for whatever reason was expecting things to be quite calm and ended up being greeted by a street so wham it could have been a P Money bar. It was hot as hell that night and I was in no mood to be carrying a backpack so the pretentious instant camera stayed at home. Fortunately somebody else took some photos to verify the aforementioned wham credentials. See for yourself. Now put yourself in the mind of a London cab driver. Utter foolishness. Safe.

Hypebeast Magazine Issue 10 is available now from The Hypebeast Store.

IMG_9214 IMG_9204 IMG_9320 peroni 4 IMG_9276 peroni 2 IMG_9234 IMG_9306 IMG_9324 IMG_9269

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