Goodhood presents Good Vibes 37 – Traxsuit


On another note entirely, the folks over at Goodhood stay coming correct on the cultural front with another instalment of their Good Vibes mix series, this time coming courtesy of Leeds-based artist-director-savant Traxsuit. Having had the pleasure of seeing him perform a couple weeks back in Finsbury Park I can say it was quite the lituation and the general vibe was very audio-sthetics.

But who is this Traxsuit? More importantly, how is this Traxsuit? Some have said that he is a 7-foot tall creature reminiscent of The Giant from Twin Peaks, only with greater sonic capacities. Others have said he is an ethereal non-physical entity composed entirely of flex. Others have drawn tenuous connections to the elusive DJ Houseplant who, according to conflicting sources, vanished from the scene due to lack of watering or a forgotten Twitter password. Frankly, we may never know, but in the absence of facts I’m going to say Alien Space Wizards.

Head over to Goodhood’s website now and enjoy the mix. Keep your eyes to the skies.

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