NTS Radio – ‘Set Apart’ by Superimpose Studio


Quick shout out to the guys over at Superimpose Studio, who on Sunday officially released a project they’ve been working on over the past few months. ‘Set Apart’ is a short film that explores the history and character of cult East London broadcaster NTS Radio, and the impact it is having on the cultural landscape across London and beyond.

Featuring interviews with NTS helmsmen Femi Adeyemi & Sean McAuliffe, radio regulars like Charlie Bones & Four Tet and even the founder of Last.fm Martin Stiksel, the video plays out as a fluid montage that digs to the heart of the station’s antithetical approach to broadcasting.

Having lived in London for almost three years now it’s interesting to look back at NTS because it’s always just been present in my day-to-day life, whether that’s seeing its logo posted up on stickers and flyers around the city or hitting up the website on the days when my music library just isn’t quite cutting it.

I think the same issue arises in reflections upon all these scenes, like my comments about the grime scene the other week, when anything—a scene, a genre, an artist, a project—develops to a certain level of recognition, we can easily take for granted the work and history that has led up to that point. Likewise, NTS is so engrained within the fabric of London life for me that I often forget that it was born as a response to challenges of its own. There’s that quote in Futurama by God when he says, ‘When you’ve done things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.’ That being said, nothing “just” happens.

Set Apart’ is available to view on the Superimpose Studio website for the next week. Check out the Superimpose guys on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and obviously continue supporting NTS because they’re on point. And lurk the chatbox. Always lurk the chatbox. Safe.

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