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God damn Internet, I fucking love you. Wonderful news has hit me square in the face from across my wireless today with the announcement that BACON has released a brand new set of t-shirts.

Things have been busy for the BACON crew since they last popped up on here, doing all manner of stuff from releasing cassette mixes, some work with one or two other labels and curating their recent unknown dào fú exhibition, but it’s an undeniable treat whenever they come through with one of their absurd product releases for us to enjoy and consume. Consume. Consume.

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The group’s initially baffling #probablybaconsocks have sort of grown to become something of a cult phenomenon in some fashion circles. Against all better logic, their sparse offerings of BACON-branded socks… it doesn’t even make perfect sense. It’s just perfect.

This time around pootee et al have produced a pair of graphic t-shirts featuring large debossed metal chest plates featuring the original BACON logo. The t-shirts are offered in their ish-signature white and blue colours, and the collection has been ever-aptly named, ‘#metalbacon’.

tumblr_nueog2PwXm1qz4g9eo6_r2_1280 Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 18.30.33

I don’t know what else I’m supposed to say to you about this. It’s a BACON t-shirt, but the logo is in shiny metal. No doubt the metal is so heavy and cumbersome upon the light cotton fabric that it will literally hang from your chest like a medallion unfettered by archaic chain-neck systems.

You know that I love BACON. You know that I believe you should love BACON. I can’t offer you anything more, and because of that I can do nothing but take the most basic approach, dragging you kicking and screaming through the symbology and messaging of the collection’s accompanying promotional imaging.


Look at the pictures. That is Hiro. Do you see Hiro? You do see Hiro. Hiro is wearing a BACON t-shirt. Hiro is cool. Do you want to be like Hiro? You do want to be like Hiro. And how do you be like Hiro? You already know. Go and throw your money at the only people for whom the word ‘rad’ remains a perfectly appropriate adjective for their activities. Fuck, guys. First it was BACON, then it was #probablybaconsocks. Now it’s #metalbacon. The future is an incredible place.

The #metalbacon pack is available to purchase from bacon-index right now.
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