Burma MFG — F/W15: ‘T.D.W.W.M.’ Part One Lookbook


Just a real quick follow-up from my previous post about Burma’s FW15 collection. A full lookbook for ‘T.D.W.W.M.’ Part One is now available to view over at the Burma MFG website. I’ve posted a selection of my favourite images below, and you are strongly advised to go and purchase some of this stuff so Hartigan can continue to son all the Cav Empt Raf rip-off brands with no original ideas of their own. Fots Shired. Safe.

Alison Bushor, Juan Jimenez, Justin Guthrie & Jordan Hartigan
Kathleen Sayler, Ethan Melvin, Tom the Baby Couch & Jordan Hartigan
Noel Martin

LB_1 LB_7 LB_10 LB_12 LB_14 LB_17 LB_19 LB_20 LB_24 LB_26 LB_29 LB_30 LB_31 LB_35 LB_36

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