Burma MFG — F/W15: ‘T.D.W.W.M.’ Part One


Burma’s back, baby. The sinister brainchild of New Jersey resident Jordan Hartigan has come back on the scene with the announcement of the first part of its Fall/Winter 2015 collection, ‘T.D.W.W.M.’—‘The Devil Walks With Me’.

It’s been a pretty long time since Burma was about with physical product, owing to a number of different reasons. During the downtime the brand’s Instagram page has continued to operate as a diamond in the rough that is the mediocre streetwear landscape.


Hartigan is pretty much a young Eric Brunetti to me, a Lynchian cowboy driving his own buggy down a dirt road, middle finger flying in the air as the mangled flesh of his adversaries limply drops from the tread of his tires into the dust.

Part One of this collection consists of a modest selection of graphic t-shirts in the brand’s signature morbid style. The classic ‘No Sympathy for this Devil’ graphic makes a return, whilst the ‘Brotherhood’ t-shirt revives the ‘Best Friends’ design from last season alongside a spoil of other subtle references including Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Alan Moore’s Watchmen comic books. Let’s also give a shout out to the back graphic’s ‘Schizophrenics Don’t Die Alone’ strapline. Zing.


You’ve also got what I think is a comic book reference on the ‘Dethshead’ t-shirt—Sean Mahon, help pls—and the absolute highlight of this collection, the ‘Burm((o\\\’ design, playing on the iconic logo of the Seattle band ‘Sunn O)))’. This is actually the perfect reference for a brand like Burma to be making.


Summing Hartigan’s perspective up in words is so very difficult, but if you take fifteen minutes or so to listen to Sunn O)))’s album ‘ØØ Void’ you’re pretty much there. On another note, who else do you know making clothing that references late-90s/early 00s Experimental Ambient Drone Metal pioneers? Fucking nobody. We live in a world of cowards.


Burma F/W15—‘T.D.W.W.M.’—Part One releases this Thursday, September 17th. Give your money to Jordan Hartigan, listen to lots of Sunn O))), hate everything and go and set fire to a church. Don’t worry about denominations, any church is fine. Enjoy the images of the collection below and make sure to follow Burma on Instagram so you don’t fuck yourself up by not knowing about this stuff ever again. More to come with Part Two. Safe.

sunntee_black NOSYMPATHY2015REDUX_tar_front NOSYMPATHY2015REDUX_tar_back dethsheadtee_saf_front dethsheadtee_saf_back brotherhoodtee_milgrn_front brotherhoodtee_milgrn_back

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