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Following up from my post a few weeks back about Kranky Records’ reissuing Stars of the Lids’ two most seminal albums on vinyl, I was fortunate enough to be woken by my postman delivering my copies this morning and it seemed like a good time to put forward something brought to my attention a few days earlier.

I was contacted by Seth Peterson who pointed me toward a Cargo Collective page called ‘A Note on the Type’, the portfolio of Craig McCaffrey.


McCaffrey is the individual responsible for designing most of Stars’ album artwork, including the two aforementioned records and the incredible cover for the ‘Carte-de-Visite’ Tour CD (below). Looking through the portfolio it looks like he’s been very closely associated with Kranky in general, working on releases for Brian McBride, Adam Wiltzie, Windy and Carl and Low amongst many others.


Obviously I wasn’t familiar with his work beforehand, but I can’t stress enough how perfectly McCaffrey has managed to capture the essence of Stars of the Lids’ music in the designs he has created for them, particularly with ‘The Tired Sounds of’. This is an album embodied by those hours that cross the border between night and morning where you’re not sure if one day is ending or another beginning. That glowing cover of orange hues seeping into view like a rising sun perfectly captures the energy of that record.


McCaffrey is also a member of Austin-based ‘The American Analog Set’, an indie-rock band very much in the vein of Death Cab, Faded Paper Figures, Look Mexico etc. so if you’re into that kind of thing, which you should be, then you should check them out. Back on the topic of Stars quickly, I did see a copy of the ‘Tired Sounds’ vinyl in Rough Trade on Brick Lane just the other day, so if you’ve got some notes to spare and fancy owning a record by a group described by Ivo Watts-Russel of 4AD Records as ‘making the most important music of the 21st century’ then you know what to do.


Enjoy some of the images from the portfolio here, click through to McCaffrey’s Cargo Collective to see a lot more and thanks again to Seth for the heads up, it’s much appreciated.

krank088-cd-front-640 krank015-lp-front-640 krank100-cd-front-640 krank100-lp-poster-640

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