Descendant — Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook

m05Descendant, the fledgling brand from TETsu and Mikiko Nishiyama, released the imagery for its Fall/Winter 2015 collection the other week. Continuing with its vision of creating a comprehensive lifestyle fashion collection for the entire family, the brand’s latest collection offers a variety of seasonal apparel pieces in male, female, youth and adult iterations.

Because I’m still at the age where thinking about children terrifies me slightly, I’m going to go ahead and focus on the adult clothing offerings. Most of the designs are adapted versions of their adult counterparts, so if you shrink what you see and add a twist of cute then you’re not far off.


As with the last season, Descendant’s menswear offerings take a relaxed and comfortable approach to wardrobe essentials. Where WTaps often takes the slim-cut, fitted route—particularly in legwear—Descendant is much more laid-back. Shirting has a slightly wider cut and pants have a wide leg and healthy length. The term cosyboiz (or whatever, I don’t use tumblr) gets thrown around a lot for any hoodie with a hashtaggable print, but this clothing genuinely looks very cosy. I’m particularly liking the waffle long-sleeve and dark teal chinos. Ya done good, TET, ya done good.


As expected with fall collections, outerwear is a particularly strong offering. Distinct from WTaps’ often stylised and decorated designs, Descendant’s outer pieces are calm and understated, with prototypical iterations of pea coats, CPO shirts, fleeces and parkas. Branding, if any, is minimal, with the label’s geometric whale logo—all hail the protracto-whale—appearing in subtle hits on chests.


There’s also a healthy selection of sportswear and leisure pieces that take a more traditional approach to branding with big chest and leg graphics, so if you’re the kind of person that likes big varsity hits and block serifs, hail protracto-whale once more. He might not be the most aquatically-inclined in shape, but he is a kind whale all the same.


Womenswear takes a similar route to the mens, albeit with a clearly more feminine touch. Pieces like chambrays, waffles and flannels reappear with slight gendered alterations, whilst pure womens’ pieces like dresses and blouses round out the picture. Also, dungarees ladies. Really fire dungarees. See the whale? You know what to do.


Given that I am criminally under-qualified to talk about womenswear I’ll leave it at that, but it looks nice to me and the girl in the images could definitely be wifey with the killer sweat and hat combo. With sartorial commentary like this, catch me reviewing Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier in Vogue any day now.


Descendant FW15 is available from the Descendant retail store in Japan and a number of other Japanese stockists. There is no information regarding overseas stockists currently, but you can learn more at their website. If you have a friend in Japan perhaps you can get them to visit the store and Skype you. Maybe you’ll stumble upon the next phase in virtual-physical personal shopping experiences. Maybe you start a KickStarter fund, develop the product, become a big success and sell your idea for millions of pounds. Know what you could do with that money? Go to Japan to visit the Descendant store. Thank me later.

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