Well Fed — ‘Down With My Demons’ Fall 2015 Collection


Jon Donaghy came through last night with the quickness, announcing the latest release from Well Fed New York. ‘Down With The Devil’ sees a number of designs that have appeared on the brand’s social media accounts over the past few months finally put to apparel.


The Atlanta-based designers inimitable skull designs make an always-welcome appearance. A highlight from last time around, the ‘Dust to Dust’ graphic, has returned on a hooded pullover. Quite a few of Jon’s recent illustrations have been playing a lot more with lines and dual-imagery—such as his recent designs for Terror—and it works to great effect.


There’s also been a movement in another direction with more “traditional” designs that see his twisted illustrations fleshed out beyond simple drawings. I think there’s something kind of funny about the straight-faced ‘Death Proof’ chest graphic coupled with a back image of a giraffe at the gallows. Made me chuckle, anyway.


The two high points of this release for me are the ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ and ‘Fishing Club’ graphics, the former as a demonstration of how effective an image Donaghy can create with just a few horizontal lines, the latter because it’s a Well Fed take on a classic streetwear trend of imaginary clubs a la “Palace Surf” etc. Ratings are high.

Well Fed’s ‘Down With My Demons’ Fall Collection releases today at 11am EST (4pm GMT) at their online store. It’s 3 o’clock now. You have one hour. Enjoy the images and have a good weekend.

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