Cathie Donaghy

Not much for me to say on this one, so I’m gonna leave it to Jon D of Well Fed. Jon is one of the realest people out there and it’s impossible to comprehend this experience. If you can help out at all then please do. Thoughts with the family.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This hits very close to home for Well Fed as my own mother is currently fighting for her life against this vicious disease. There would be no Well Fed without her as she has inspired and pushed me to forge my own path throughout my entire life. With stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, her traditional medical treatment has reached the point where it is no longer providing positive results. As we begin to transition her into the next phase of survival, the cost and stress of bills and expenses weigh heavy on her mind. It’s important to bring continuing awareness to Breast Cancer as a whole, but if you feel moved to help in my family’s situation specifically, I have started a ‪GoFundMe‬ for Cathie and her journey ahead. Any and all donations, reposts or encouraging words are hugely appreciated. You can read her story and fundraiser at
Thank you all for your continuous support ❤ – Jon D


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