The Look In by Samuel Ashton Smith

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‘Man about town’ is probably the best way to describe Sam Ashton Smith (aka SAMSBOWL because Internet). Over the past few years he’s been connected with all manner of projects and proceedings around London including seminal Berwick Street sneaker boutique FootPatrol, emerging British streetwear label The New Dealers and the v-Northern street culture collective, Breaks. You know at a social event when people are all, ‘Oy, this guy’? Sam’s like the opposite of that. He’s like… that guy.


In between working on numerous projects in the London scene and influencing the culture—influence as a verb, not as a noun. It’s an important distinction—Sam took some time out to travel the world and see loads of amazing places and basically remind everyone back in the metropolis that our lives are gradually ticking away one artisanal coffee-filled day at a time.

On his return to the city, Sam had one of those epiphanies that form the lyrics of a Ronan Keating song, concluding that one genuinely should be living each day as if it’s the last, dancing all night and having a blast. Or that maybe there’s something valuable in all of our experiences and a lot of it is worth documenting and celebrating. As a result, he went out and bought a GoPro camera and started a video-blog—or “vlog” if you’re too busy for established vocabulary—sharing moments from his day-to-day life, on an almost daily basis.

Aside from this being a pretty impressive feat if only for finding something new and exciting to do every day, he does occasionally touch on some gold, as well as managing to create a record of the fast and fleeting life that is London, something which feels quite nice in a way considering, as mentioned before, so much of life in this city feels like it passes you by before you’ve even realised. We do a lot in that there London. It might not all be wonderful, but we do it.

On another note, I want to point out that Sam looks scarily similar to spoken word poet Trey the Ruler, known for his dark and unwelcoming look on life and the world around him. Seeing how Trey’s dark verbal documentation contrasts almost entirely with Sam’s happy-go-lucky cherish every moment perspective, the notion that they are twins separated at birth or some sort of parallel-universe phenomenon becomes more and more feasible to me every day. My plan is to one day bring them together in one place and see if the world folds in on itself. Watch this space.

Anyway, you can follow updates from Sam’s vlog, ‘The Look In’, over at his YouTube channel. I actually pop up in one of the videos very briefly alongside Tom ‘Meat Product’ Kirkby, and I’m telling you this because I’m a vainglorious man who lives in a world of words and somewhere, behind these lengthy paragraphs about other people’s achievements, is a young man screaming, ‘Look at me. Please. Look at me.’

Expect to see very regular updates; almost daily, in fact. If I haven’t sold you on it yet, just picture Sam at 3am, wide-awake, bleary-eyed, splicing together footage of moments he experienced merely hours before. It’s like The Truman Show, except Jim Carrey has to edit and mediate his own footage as well. Or a Big Brother house, except there are no walls that the contestants might be able to climb over to escape. Only more days. More footage. More time. Let’s watch, shall we?

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