WTaps Fall/Winter 2015 Collection


WTaps is back for Fall/Winter 2015 with its latest collection, continuing with the “Lifist” philosophy that Tetsu Nishiyama has been exploring for the past few seasons.

Early imagery suggests that the brand is returning to its original streetwear roots. Official imagery for the collection centralises around photos of the team screen-printing various graphics and skating in their studio. Clothing itself, also, seems to be a bit more street-oriented than other collections’ mixtures of prep, punk and smart-casual styles.


Where early 2000s WTaps collections were geared towards their time, however—louder, edgier, baggier—this release is notably more contemporary and toned down. Less 411VM, more Jenkem. The focus seems to be tilted this way, with the brand having already announced a collaboration with heavy-duty street staples Carhartt, and placing skatewear essentials like cargos, flannels and baja shirts front and centre in preliminary imagery.


As always, I’m drooling over their Jungle Stock and M-65 cargo pants, which are frankly the archetype of their style in my eyes. I have yet to see any other label do military styles the way WTaps does. Shouts to all sarcastialists thinking, “Try the military” right now. I see you. You’re clueless.


Other noteworthy pieces include the ever-classic Jungle LS Shirt and the very nostalgic Apatche t-shirt, taking me all the way back to the golden age of H&M’s Dubbster brand, bringing you all the skate style of a long-sleeve shirt under short-sleeve shirt in a single garment. I never thought I would see this kind of shit in the adult fashion realm. We are through the looking glass, people.


I’m also really feeling those Jammer boots. Somewhere between Diemmes and Timbs and Serras and Caterpillars. Plus burgundy and candy-cane laces. Everything is fantastic.


Anyway, enjoy the images—the official lookbook, product images and a skate-themed lookbook from POPEYE magazine set in London which is kind of corny and tired, but it’s fine because London and because the dude in the Jungle Stocks and Janoskis is basically how I envision myself as I swerve round London on public transport. Just kidding. But Seriously.


Look out for WTaps’ Fall/Winter 2015 collection at stockists worldwide soon. Then buy it and send it to me. Safe.

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  • Ellie

    good work. good clothes